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: Automatic Transmission Tech

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  1. Can you use a 2 step on an auto?
  2. Change transmission filter?
  3. 97 AWD A/T Ugrade Help!!
  4. Whats Hott For the A/T
  5. Planetary gears?
  6. B&M TrickShift-- regular vs. synthetic
  7. More WOT??
  8. Lost overdrive, idle surging, no power...
  9. Trans is shifting hard and no overdrive.
  10. I hear whining sound from ma AT tranny....
  11. Mods with smaller A/T turbo
  12. Should I be worried (trans question)
  13. tranny pump went bad....
  14. Nosiy Dipstick
  15. redline stall?
  16. Got a GSX Tranny for my Spyder
  17. Anyone in here using an L1R on a 1G A/T?
  18. won't drive in DRIVE
  19. Whats wrong?
  20. Engine moving when put into drive....
  21. Need Opinions on Turbo
  22. bad auto tranny????
  23. What's broken?
  24. Parts the same?
  25. Strange rattle in reverse...
  26. Will a 14b work on first gen?
  27. Car only moves when cold?
  28. Timing on A/T 2G
  29. a/t tranny diagnostic help?
  30. new tranny same story, help me
  31. Overdrive problems!
  32. How many quarts in AUTO Tranny
  33. Need LSD for 1g fwd a/t
  34. Od Not Working But Light Does???
  35. selling if anyone interested
  36. power brake only = 5 psi!
  37. how does a stall converter work?
  38. AT not starting, flywheel spinning?
  39. changing to bigger injectors
  40. Im in a kinda sucky situation.....
  41. A/T fluid overfilling and underfilling
  42. need auto wiring diagram
  43. Hi Need Some Help
  44. trans won't shift out of first...need help BAD!!!
  45. Shift Kit Options...
  46. End clutch!?????????
  47. 5 speed injectors and cams...
  48. Need 3T40 forward clutch drum assem.
  49. 92 AWD A/T swap to MT using 90 parts ?'s
  50. No power with overdrive???????
  51. 95 Talon TSi Tranny Swap
  52. a/t computer chip ?
  53. power/economy switch inop
  54. auto to manny...
  55. Car seems to lose power in 3rd
  56. Questions for all A/T Tuners!!!
  57. question on shifting problem
  58. AT starter replacement options
  59. Tranny Flush
  60. Help out Friends AT problems!
  61. tcu?
  62. low grinding sound
  63. Odd "thumping noise from the rear end
  64. TCU is it bad?
  65. missing 4th gear cured
  66. 95 GS 3rd gear cut short
  67. Dog off the Line
  68. Car's freely revving after neutral drop
  69. laugh if u want but i have a serious question.
  70. how to remove the shift counsel
  71. RS + turbo + Automatic = Desaster?
  72. my AT has crankwalk!!
  73. Problems! Shifting too hard.
  74. How do I get the torque converter off?!?
  75. Final Drive mod question...
  76. Need help locating selonoids
  77. Pictures of my tranny cooler install..
  78. Looking for parts place or people.
  79. 95 Stock a/t GST eats Built b20 Integra
  80. tranny question
  81. AT acting funny (already searched)
  82. Broken Tranny
  83. auto shakes on decel
  84. a/t = m/t?
  85. Quick shifting...
  86. AT Mods?
  87. Converters...FWD-vs-AWD
  88. turbo lag and auto's???
  89. Transmission flushed??
  90. Power/Econo button wiring. Please Read.
  91. Manually shifting an auto = ok or bad?
  92. Doing some research, I need some difinitive answers.
  93. power and economy .. overdrive ???
  94. Transmission Fluid... How Much??
  95. 13g boost creep with 3" cat-back
  96. Tranny problem
  97. Transmission Problem?
  98. Isn't the torque convertor supposed to come off with the tranny...
  99. Automatic Shifter?
  100. Has anyone tried this speed limiter removal mod?
  101. is it tranny or electrical?
  102. in drive, barly moves, in reverse, flies
  103. Have you seen this?
  104. Torque Convertor constantly locks and unlocks?
  105. Need advice!
  106. is the translab shift kit for the awd 2g the same as 3000gt a/t? need help fast
  107. How much crank HP can a stock AT transmission take?
  108. 14b Turbo install
  109. looking to buy a 91 awd with 68k
  110. ported 14b on 2g auto awd
  111. The Tale of a Transmission Filter.......
  112. Tranny Problem
  113. gear length
  114. How long is my tranny going to last
  115. 5 Speed engine swap in a A/T. Need info about AFC Setup.
  116. 99 tranny in 95
  117. I have some Kinda Problem
  118. Sohuld I get a MT and swap my mods??!?!?!
  119. after rebuild?
  120. Blue wire on Tranny
  121. Tranny cooler feed and return line
  122. need somr advice on auto to manual swap!!!!!
  123. Auto tranny questions
  124. Tranny problem-no neutral, no reverse
  125. AT and auto-xing
  126. Disapoint ment at the track, I need help
  127. 5 Speed engine and turbo swap question
  128. auto tranny axle
  129. What is the speed/rpm in OD?
  130. any new news on a push button setup for 2G's?
  131. Leak I cannot find!!!!
  132. No more OD, end clutch fix?
  133. How do you make a 500hp auto
  134. Harsh down shifting... jolts when put in reverse
  135. torque converter trouble?
  136. problems with my tranny
  137. newb question, dont hate me
  138. new and used tcu's
  139. 14B and the auto?
  140. To much time
  141. My A/T tranny blew up
  142. how bad would an auto tranny with 85k
  143. Can't run at WOT!! Won't shift up!!! Help John or anyone.
  144. More AT PROBLEMS in 95GSX
  145. stutering when floored??
  146. kick down servo plug?????????????
  147. Building the ultimate A/T
  148. Removing an A/T shift knob
  149. help getting to TDC
  150. just went to the track
  151. Ma Tranny levels weird...
  152. AFC II baseline now that I've done full 5 speed engine swap in A/T DSM. Please help.
  153. Chirping 2nd in an A/T!
  154. Turbo Dilemma!
  155. 16G big or small
  156. Auto Mods And Times List
  157. Another logging question...
  158. car falls on its self when launching
  159. Bolt on turbos for 1g auto mani.
  160. Thanks I got it figured out !
  161. Engine Buildup on Auto, overkill?
  162. 1995 Auto tranny - fit 1994 Auto?
  163. 14B in an AT without 450's, MT ECU, OK?
  164. WOT don't go anywhere
  165. Tranny swap question.
  166. Tranny whining?
  167. Hesitation
  168. ??Mods Needed for 12.90 second AWD AT DSM??
  169. transmission craziness and eventual stall
  170. Stock in 3rd gear
  171. AT Fluid Leak from Flexplate access panel
  172. Wheres this Blue Wire go
  173. Manual ECU in Auto
  174. Fluttering
  175. Auto Trans not shifting HELP!!!
  176. TCU compatibility
  177. Location of Tranny cooler
  178. HELP!: a/t spacer under flexplate
  179. Automatics with BIG turbos
  180. Should I make my Automatic TSI a 5 spd?!?
  181. question about the 14b...
  182. 2 race engines down...need some help
  183. MSD Ignition
  184. Idle problems
  185. ATX stealth shifter switch problems?
  186. Red Eagle kit
  187. TCU dead??? need help.
  188. installing a tranny temp guage
  189. Stock tranny cooler
  190. 14b install problems
  191. car squels loud!!
  192. Drivetrain jerked on highway, coasted 5 miles, never to move again?
  193. Will my A/T tranny hold up to this..?
  194. s-afc hi-throttle setting?
  195. Transmission question
  196. Engine starts and revs normal, but car can't go far unless pushed...
  197. TCU compatability
  198. erratic shfting
  199. AT 7bolts don't CW?
  200. possible tranny prob? Delay in shifts
  201. 98 GSX AT... Is it reliable???
  202. Random questions
  203. Problem With At!!gas Pedal Stuck To The Floor!
  204. anybody ever swap auto to manual with awd?
  205. Tranny Repair problems after rebuild and TCU repair???
  206. when i powerbrake it only goes to 2k rpms???
  207. What Stall???
  208. Tranny Problems or fluid in need of changing???
  209. Auto Tranny Problems
  210. turbo in "park"
  211. AT rear diff
  212. 12.6
  213. a quick question on BOV 'ethics'
  214. Newbie AT/Kit Questions
  216. has anyone swapped 1G MT cams in thier 2G AT?
  217. Dyno Results on my A/T
  218. A/T starts out slooowwww
  219. Code 32???
  220. Hose to use for tranny fluid lines.
  221. I now own 2 A/T DSMs =)
  222. A/T and FP Green
  223. Rattler PE and Shift box VIDS!!
  224. Any Conclusions on "shifts by itself" problems yet??
  225. A/T tranny is "misshifting" under hard acceleration
  226. Looking for advice on 1G AT race car
  227. Throttle Position sensor and A/T tranny effects
  228. overheating tranny
  229. 6bolt auto it can be done
  230. Possable drive shaft problem. Need info.
  231. whats faster 5-speed turbo or a/t turbo??
  232. 92 TSI AWD A/T with 5-speed cams and 14b hitting fuel cut
  233. Reverse Gear causing Chattering...
  234. im a soon to be a/t owner , have some ????'s
  235. New To Dsm
  236. Hey Nano.....
  237. my trans in safe mode.
  238. New Tranny
  239. Tranny Problems!!!!! Help!!!
  240. no engagement after shiftkit
  241. AT Tranny Just engage reverse
  242. where is Torque converter Sol. wire
  243. boost problem auto
  244. Where to buy a Dragon TC?
  245. New Times For My At!!!!
  246. AUTOMATIC AWD Results (Vishnu)
  247. luckiest tranny in the world.
  248. Automatics for dragging
  249. Where can I find a TCU
  250. Any respectable auto transmission shops in Cali?