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  1. Automatic Trannys???
  2. 92 Laser RS Turbo Auto Trans No Overdrive
  3. Torque converter multiplication explained
  4. AT fluid
  5. A/T DSM related links
  6. any news in regards to the AT UPGRADE components?
  7. ET differences after shift kit mod?
  8. tranny shifting problem
  9. Your automatic DSM upgrade List
  10. Transbrakes?
  11. Banging into Reverse
  12. scary problem
  13. What turbo are you running?
  14. End Clutch Replacement for 2G
  15. Shift Kit Installs
  16. End Clutch Fix Failed.
  17. can't check fluid in PARK
  18. Push Button Shifting?
  19. Shift kit for a 95' Galant?
  20. new TC decision
  21. 91 to 93 Auto Trans NT 2.0L compatibility
  22. Easiest way to pully a tranny at home?
  23. Autometer tranny temp guages?
  24. Track times with an A/T
  25. EGT Temps in your A/T
  26. Any A/Ts with Cams here?
  27. Is your overdrive fried? Read on...
  28. Weird Things Happening!!!
  29. shift kit for A/T NT's
  30. 1st, 2nd gear flare up from a stop, hmm...
  31. Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple Springs?????
  32. I'm going to be a new owner of a GSX auto... couple of Q's?
  33. Not sure if this is a transmission problem?
  34. automatic transmission help
  35. Sputtering Problem [link to another topic]
  36. TC break in?
  37. 93 Trans Wiring
  38. swap
  39. using o/d to shift,bad idea?
  40. downpipe ??? for my auto gst
  41. Only building 5 psi at the line!!!
  42. Help a fellow A/T DSMer whos thinking of turning to the darkside...
  43. computer shifts faster than manual?
  44. "O/D off" Light not working... and not shifting...
  45. Racing Techniques
  46. Messed up my "O/D Off" light... Help!
  47. Q's on tranny problem.
  48. tranny problem
  49. Tranny problem??
  50. Pocket Logger tuning on a A/T?
  51. where to buy Auto tranny mods
  52. F4A33 Transmission Trouble
  53. Found the Tranny prob, I think...
  54. How to Check Tranny Fluid.... A Repeat
  55. Dangerous A/T Shifting Prob. HELP!
  56. bangs into gear when slowing down
  57. Tranny Shop Shift kit/end clutch prices
  58. Everyone with an upgraded TC read this.....
  59. Automatic to Automatic Swap
  60. help with 3rd
  61. Tranny, or not ?!?
  62. Anyone done a TransGo shift kit on the A604?
  63. My Newest End CLutch VFAQ
  64. Where to mount Transtemp probe
  65. Will the BM lsd or phantom grip work witht he f4a33?
  66. Aftermarket shifters for 1G?
  67. AWD A/T axles seals, and then some....
  68. Confusion and full of Question
  69. part prices and work questions
  70. Highway driving with no OD!
  71. ATTN A/T owners w/Big 16g & 550's
  72. Auto Transmission woes. HELP PLS?!?
  73. Torque Converter question
  74. turning to dark side.... what would i need to turn a TSi AWD A/T to a M/T
  75. Any A/Ts with an AGP L2R?
  76. Any Shops Have Fully built A/T's?
  77. Yet another Shift Kit question
  78. Anyone running Nitrous please post how you like it....
  79. 4 Bolt Rear
  80. Advanced Auto Tranny Problem on 2G
  81. complete A/T failure
  82. A/T launch vid after fixing my boosting problems.
  83. auto tran rebuild 91 talon
  84. OD failure? help!
  85. how to launch
  86. Questions for the Pro's out there!
  87. 95' Talon TSi a/t problem
  88. Auto FWD=less wheel spin than Man. FWD?
  89. Any A/T Owners Using a Frank??
  90. a/t wiring problems
  91. Shift Kit availability?!?
  92. Auto Rebuild?? Possible?
  93. brake torque prob?
  94. Level 10
  95. Auto Transmission Times
  96. Help!!!!
  97. Swapped out trannys= only 2nd gear?
  98. Clicking noise after car is in gear...
  99. What TC brand?
  100. Aftermarket Radiators and A/T
  101. HELP? 2G A/T -> M/T swap!
  102. Quick Shift Kit / End Clutch question
  103. How much power can the stock transmission handle?
  104. timing belt change
  105. have $1,800 to work with, help me pick turbo
  106. Installed My Mutt ETE32 Today.....
  107. How to disable auto downshift?
  108. I press the gas, but i go nowhere!!!????!
  109. transfer case
  110. Tranny Probs..please Help!!!!!
  111. Differential removal?
  112. No torque when accelerating from a stop?
  113. Shifting problem
  114. The ultimate question, new A/T or buy a 5-spd
  115. auto trans swap
  116. Programing the TC to only slip in 1st!
  117. 2G TCU....Same for AWD and FWD?
  118. Tranny woes - what'd he fry? sorry long
  119. 93 laser not shifting
  120. Beware Beware the torque converter
  121. Question
  122. Reduce drive train loss in an A/T
  123. Preferred AT upgrade path
  124. damm I'm slow
  125. Is my car modded or not?
  126. T3/T4 on an A/T?
  127. HELP! Knocking noise from transmission.
  128. Transmission Pump
  129. FP Big 28
  130. Looking for TCU codes
  131. Auto Tranny Fluid
  132. Translab shift kit / Alto End Clutch kit
  133. Shifting problem!
  134. Might buy a auto tsi!
  135. Finally installed shift kit and end clutches
  136. torque conv. bolts-what size????
  137. HELP!!!!!! Wont Go foreward?????????
  138. AFC issues w/ my AT
  139. pulse generators
  140. Fuel Filter
  141. Squealing~!!!!
  142. Amsoil ATF
  143. How to hook up a 6 bolt motor to a 98 AT?
  144. tranny slipping
  145. Funny smell when turbo kicks in???
  146. Will motor from 2g 5spd fit Auto 2g?
  147. ???
  148. Third time trannie dies again.
  149. auto tranny rebuild
  150. 1St Gear
  151. 93 laser awd automatic transmission questions
  152. OverDrive
  153. 420a Eclipse auto question
  154. I NEED HELP, T C U codes PLEASE
  155. Econ button?
  156. PLEASE HELP!!! Is this a case to rebuild tranny?
  157. Changed fluid now strange things.
  158. Manual shifting our ATs on a regular basis...
  159. transmission pump, torque convertor
  160. 1G AWD A/T help...please read
  161. Drivetrain loss on a FWD A/T??
  162. Finally got a look at the dead tranny.
  163. problem with tranny or torque converter?
  164. 420a AT tranny upgrades?
  165. How to Dyno an A/T DSM?
  166. Spyder Tranny?
  167. Do you hate your AT, I do!!!
  168. Home made Push Button shifting
  169. Hate your Auto?
  170. rebuild recommendations
  171. A/T trans swap to M/T
  172. somethings not right...HELP ME
  173. Overdrive Question
  174. Anybody with auto have a Stroker Motor?
  175. new 1/4 mile times!
  176. bored... question... push button shifting pre '96?
  177. Car doesnt think its in park? wont start!
  178. TDO5-H install on 1G A/T
  179. Stub Axle Install ???
  180. Automatics and Crank Walk?
  181. TCU Code Pulling Page
  182. Rebuilding my tranny now. Got it apart.
  183. Fuzzy Logic
  184. car BOGs at WOT after dp install?
  185. Torque Convertor
  186. help with m/t switch
  187. Can someone explain torque converters?
  188. Translab Shift Kit Instructions
  189. Vids of my A/T at the track.
  190. HELP!!! my stupid trans is stuck in 2nd
  191. Bigger turbo now higher shift points.
  192. 6 bolt block to 2G auto tranny
  193. Torque Converter & Shift Kit
  194. Need help on a tranmission switch..
  195. tranny noise going into DRIVE
  196. High Gear out only Drive works fine Help me?! please :)
  197. Transmition Swap
  198. Trans Brake Question
  199. Ahh! I think my tranny died
  200. Idles rough
  201. odd shifting
  202. Is my Auto Dead?
  203. removing shifter
  204. Information on the Translab or Transgo shift kits
  205. Final Gear mod?
  206. Not Shifting Out of 1st!!!
  207. Translab shift kit from Dean Mason
  208. weird tranny trouble
  209. Higher stall with the stock TC??
  210. Auto a good investment or repair hole?
  211. Sucky times for Sucky Auto
  212. Urgently need help with Transmission Filter change...
  213. LSD Click? Is this normal?
  214. Tranny stuck in 2nd?? 3rd??
  215. Translab Instructions and my new Car
  216. automatic transmission
  217. anybody got aftermarket shifters?
  218. Can I Drill a Automatic's Flywheel to Lighten It??????
  219. Gears "Slipping" when driving - Your suggestions please.
  220. Thinking of buying an auto GST or GSX
  221. How many 2g A/T cars have experienced crankwalk?
  222. Tranny slams into lower gear when upshifting
  223. AWD A/T gas mileage
  224. Torque Converter Pricing
  225. Tuning my 13G log for the first time
  226. Venting...
  227. 1.8 Trans to 2.0 trans
  228. a/t flush help....
  229. Cost of cleaning Valvebody and Shift kit
  230. Any body got a phantom grip
  231. A/T ECU doesn't pull timing in my logs
  232. shiftronic??
  233. O/D Light
  234. transmission (change)
  235. question for 1g owners
  236. 6 bolt to 7 bolt tranny
  237. n/t auto tranny to turbo auto tranny
  238. Found "junk" in my tranny
  239. Poll, how long does it take you to build up enough boost for a good launch?
  240. torque converter lockout (temp) ???
  241. Check Engine Light! CODE P1750
  242. ma 95 eclipse gst tranny is loud
  243. are nt auto trannys the same as turbo auto trannys?
  244. If I get the 20G will my tranny last?
  245. Overdrive gone, easy to fix?
  246. i bought a rebuilt tranny and ??
  247. top ten doesnt sell a performance kit for a 1g?
  248. Help Where To Find Flexplate
  249. need wiring help
  250. kick down servo plug?