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: Electronics Tech

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  1. Spyder Map Light Part #'s
  2. Help, electrical system fugged
  3. Electrical Gremlin
  4. Engine/Harness/Computer Compatibility ??
  5. Car won't start MPI fuse keeps blowin
  6. MPI fuse same as same amp blade or tube style fuse?
  7. S-AFC Question
  8. SAFC II install (knock sensor wire)
  9. Installing remote start
  10. tail light fuse question
  11. overdrive & boost gauge lights still on with key out
  12. Cruise Control stopped working
  13. Differences between 1g and 2g o2 sensors?
  14. wire under seat
  15. Rewire relay.. Which is 87 and which is 87A?
  16. Boost gauge readings.
  17. Speedo only works when I let off throttle
  18. Where to buy fuses?
  19. No ignition (alarm problem)
  20. Thinking about crank underdrive, can I still run my amp?
  21. What causes relays to buzz?
  22. S-AFC2 showing wrong RPMs?
  23. Show Us Ur Install
  24. Looking for HKS AIC instructions
  25. ECU located
  26. factory security problem..
  27. Passenger Power Window
  28. dis-2 tach question
  29. Oil Pressure wire?
  30. PC to Palm cable
  31. Fuel Light
  32. I need a part number for a 1Gb headlight blinker socket! PLEASE!
  33. 3 gauges to be put on
  34. Need help with tunerstein(palm)
  35. Did I blow a fuse?
  36. TMO program
  37. After Market Alternator
  38. 3G spyder top motors?
  39. no dash readings
  40. HID install problem
  41. Swapped "turbo" tach for "NT" tach. Hmm...
  42. Messing around with radio wires and the door locks dont work... HELP!
  43. alarm doesn't lock doors when i arm it
  44. Losing power while car sits....
  45. radio/overhead light problems
  46. Wiring slimline AC fan with stock main fan
  47. Dash lights, Interior lights don't work, please read...
  48. where air volume senser? help
  49. S-AFC delema
  50. Turbo timer issues
  51. Cant wire up horn on Momo wheel, please help!!
  52. car dying ` dash lights on?
  53. fuse box relocation
  54. Small battery?
  55. Anti-lock brake light comes on and stays on.
  56. 2g Fuel Pump Relay
  57. MSD DIS2 without Tach Adpeter on 90/91 DSM
  58. Big White Plugs Next To Yellow ECU Plugs??
  59. Wire Harness Shreded, Soldering and Wire Info needed
  60. Turn signal's dont work.
  61. Should I buy a more powerful Alternator
  62. I would like to know
  63. Palm to PC problems
  64. (90-91) to (92-94) headlight convertion
  65. Hotsync to Datalogger cable
  66. two questions about low idling and power drop...
  67. Help....my car was broken into...
  68. '90 motor....91+ Harness...any help for me?
  69. Tapping lights wire for Boost Gauge/Indiglo Lights
  70. Relocating Battery to the trunk? is it beneficial?
  71. CEL after SAFC install...
  72. E-Prom ECU ?!?!?!?
  73. i may need a new ISC... i have a really quick question about one
  74. Horn doesn't work, but works when alarm goes off
  75. PLEASE HELP! M3 style side mirror with LED wiring problem
  76. Turnsignal and Reverse lights not working, please help
  77. Gas Gauge wasn't working properly, tried to fix it and...ahh *&%$#!
  78. charging sytem problems? battery, brake, alternator lights on
  79. Air/fuel ratio gauge
  80. S-AFC Loses settings when car is turned off
  81. Need help for Blitz DSBC-R installation
  82. boost gauge lighting off/on/off/on
  83. Rewiring Alternator and Battery
  84. Anyway to amplify the power going to my fog ligts so they can shine brighter?
  85. Injector Resistor Box
  86. SAFC II Help
  87. buying a dsm with bad ecu????
  88. Guage faces
  89. Rear Defrost not working?!?!
  90. pics of my ecu problem
  91. speed sensor question
  92. Push button starter on a 1g?
  93. Safc Ii ?
  94. TMO Datalogger, TMO ECU Upgrade
  95. No voltage to ECU, MPI relay?
  96. SAFC-II starting problems
  97. Slim line SPAL AC fan keeps blowing the fuse
  98. looking for ECU parts for a 90 gst
  99. Posible dome light Alarm problem.
  100. egt gauge jumping around like crazy
  101. No turn signals?
  102. stupid stock security
  103. Melting wires..........
  104. will a 91-92 ecu work in a 90 tsi?
  105. HELP! I have too many wires
  106. Pocketlogger Percentage?
  107. No Spark...Where To Check Voltage?
  108. Avc-r
  109. Ecu And Turbo Faqs
  110. Question: Alternator location
  111. Alarm goes off when passenger door opened
  112. Tuning Philosphy?
  113. 1G CAS on a 2G 6bolt swap question?
  114. headlight woes
  115. spal slim fan wires?..
  116. battery voltage gauge
  117. Ground Wires?
  118. Intake Performance chip
  119. HKS TT Installation?
  120. 95 Gsx Blower Motor Problem
  121. Headlights not working!! probably wiring problem.. please help!!!!!!!!!!
  122. Brake lights out!
  123. Dec.AIR settings S-AFC 1990 Talon??
  124. What unplugged plug is this?
  125. Cooling Fan Relay Bypass Mod fora 1G,anyone?
  126. Where is my power window fuse??
  127. Aem Plug N Play
  128. How many wires can you attatch to one source?
  129. Greddy EGT quit working
  130. Help turning an avital 3200 remote start into an alarm
  131. Can i used a laptop with pocketlogger cable?
  132. Aftermarket Fuel Gauge- is it supposed to be on all the time?!
  133. Power Transistor readings. HELP.
  134. headlights work but gauge cluster isn't lighting up
  135. Disabling the factory alarm
  136. Alternator problems
  137. what are most common reasons for ABS light???
  138. which relay to buy for ABS.... I'm missing one
  139. Replacing AC fan with aftermarket fan
  140. Need some help ECU Loaction
  141. OBD-II pinout
  142. Starter going bad?
  143. Stock Boost Gauge
  144. Windows go up REALLY slow
  145. help with ecu maybe more......
  146. alarm install.. 2 pulse doors or 1pulse?
  147. greddy tt speed
  148. obdi conector missing wires
  149. SRS light/overdrive
  150. Apexi looking for GSX-GST for Power FC
  151. Difference between DSMLink cable and Pocketlogger cable?
  152. Wires on GReddy EGT gauge
  153. using hot glue on electrical connections?
  154. Fuse Placement 2g
  155. Push button starter work with TT??
  156. changing a light bulb, dumb question
  157. What is the output of an AT Alternator?
  158. Logger - what do I need to buy to get started?
  159. What needs to be connected to the ECU?
  160. Snake Eyes Problem
  161. AFC Questions
  162. gas light wont turn on
  163. 1st gen eprom dump?
  164. 90 popup light issues
  165. dual battery or dual alternator what is need for each
  166. struggling passenger door lock
  167. Running light?
  168. 3 Alternator in 3 weeks! PLEASE HELP
  169. Remote Keyless Entry Question.
  170. 2g steering wheel question
  171. Slight electrical problem with stereo
  172. Want to wire out the "Door Open" thingy
  173. whats up with TMO?
  174. ignition switch fuse pops
  175. keyless remote distance problem
  176. Palm pilot not saving registration code.
  177. Can I use these caps in my ecu
  178. datalogger
  179. change light in gauge?
  180. SOS 560 Alarm
  181. my ecu caught on fire!!!
  182. Stock guage's question.
  183. TT turbo timer harness???
  184. Weird Starting Problems
  185. Help With Avc-r
  186. Having trouble with obdII cable
  187. Where is the Foot Brake Wire?
  188. Dead Fuses?
  189. did i get scammed?(datalogger)
  190. my diagnostic plug is dead, please help!
  191. Dashlights won't turn on.
  192. ECU Tap question / Orientation
  193. Taillights work, dash lights don't!
  194. yes a no start issue - ecm caps
  195. Battery died now Greddy TT not working
  196. Palm IIIxe datalogging problems
  197. AVC-R settings help!!
  198. ABS delete
  199. Scary
  200. how to wire apexi tt
  201. Greddy full auto tt
  202. 1G Eclipse Motor Swap/Fuse Box
  203. gas ligh
  204. 2G Universal Cell Phone/Delphi XM Mount Pics
  205. ecu caps
  206. this may be stupid--when replacing ecm ?
  207. is this normal?
  208. ohm reading of fuel tank
  209. Looking for (-)Parking Light Output
  210. 1G def and haz switches
  211. Can't disable alarm
  212. Dont do this!
  213. 1990 Talon cluster problem??
  214. profec A wire code
  215. Quick Help - Datalogger Connection To Car!~!!
  216. NEED HElP! WIth air-fuel gauge
  217. my turbo gauge...?
  218. Electric Fan Install
  219. car died
  220. What's a good alarm?
  221. Reprogramming car remote
  222. ecu wiring harness i need them
  223. TT will count down, but not keep car running...
  224. This is outrageous
  225. Dash lights and headlights dont work???
  226. lights turn on when braking
  227. TT operation question
  228. need help with power door locks
  229. TMO 2G Stage3 Instructions NEEDED!
  230. radar detector
  231. Identify a part in my ECU
  232. DSMlink insurance
  233. My Greddy elec. boost gauge went crazy! Need advice
  234. Reverse indiglo gauge Q
  235. ECU Layout
  236. 1g gm maf maft
  237. 1g gm maf maft
  238. DSMLink ECU
  239. weird problem with safc 2 install
  240. Msd
  241. new gauges
  242. Quick BLUE LED Dash Lighting Question...
  243. Bumper light rewire??
  244. How do I make a 91 ECU work in my 90????
  245. somethign happened to my a/f gauge
  246. Starter not working BRAND NEW
  247. A/C fan dont come on
  248. Frustrating problem with my datalogger cable
  249. install turbo timer , i need a link
  250. need advice with alarm/rs/shaved handles