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  1. Which Trannys can I swap into my 90?
  2. N00b rim question
  3. New DSM Owner
  4. fuel spending unit
  5. Will buying a 2g drain my bank account?
  6. 1G exhaust manifold questions...
  7. T25 + Mbc = ?
  8. Story about my car.
  9. Width with stock wheels
  10. should i get a genuine mitsu Engine Gasket kit
  11. t25 or 14b?
  12. valve issues
  13. Tire Size
  14. Ticking
  15. Several questions.
  16. Anti-burn out bypass?
  17. valentines day
  18. list of problem
  19. how to remove crank sprocket
  20. What injectors, 450? 550??? And one more question
  21. change a non turbo to turbo
  22. Kind of a odd clutch idea.
  23. How likely am I to break a exhaust stud swapping turbos?
  24. Whats Trim?
  25. evo 16g
  26. squaling alterntor belt ..need suggestions
  27. Anyone ever order from
  28. Where to buy 4g63
  29. Can this cause damage to my transmission?
  30. Timing belt squeel...any common problems?
  31. max injectors
  32. fuel cut at 5k rpms
  33. Tran Question
  34. looking at buying 90 eclipse
  35. oil/temp guage installation
  36. Valve Cover Gasket??
  37. flywheel question
  38. so why can't i tow with my eclipse?
  39. What setting for an 94 ATX with a MAFT/maf setup
  40. Mas
  41. How to tell if my ECU is an EPROM
  42. Cyclone Q?
  43. Turbo Timer
  44. T3/T4 HYBRID Turbo? good one?
  45. what does gm/sec mean?
  46. Boost gauge install
  47. Odd t-stat/cooling issues.
  48. Maximum hp on 7-bolt
  49. Breather filter smokeing
  50. Generic question: 1g reliability & purchase price
  51. Eclipse Mod Chip
  52. Got stuck in the snow for the first time, and now I have a question
  53. Dying Alternator/Battery?
  54. parts needed for a timing belt job at 85k..
  55. 16g install
  56. no tach/speedo/oil/boost/etc. lights!!
  57. what ecu are compatable with mine?
  58. the white connector thats close to the ecu connectors?
  59. Turbo upgrade questions
  60. what is engine load on pocker logger?
  61. How long to wait for tranny break in?
  62. n/t ecu in a turbo will it work?
  63. What type of IC does the VR-4 have?
  64. Ported intake manifold...gains?
  65. Suspension packages?
  66. pte 50 trim install
  67. Bought a used Aeromotive afpr, install question
  68. Simple Exhaust Question
  69. T3/T4 turbo kit from RNR
  70. Pics of a T3/T4 60 trim next to a 14b
  71. timming marcks
  72. A question about axles.
  73. intake mani leak or vac leak
  74. Where does the knock sensor go? Pics to help.
  75. Have some questions with transmission cooler?
  76. problem with tansmission?
  77. FMIC basic questions
  78. injector size, are they labeled
  79. Budget 3" Catback Exhaust- What should i get?
  80. i think i F'ed up
  81. burning oil :-(
  82. Running rich.
  83. GSX/GST Drivetrain Question
  84. Will this suspension work for my car?
  85. BOV Dump tube
  86. 1g tb in a 2g
  87. 2g and 1g block
  88. M/T end cover?
  89. Sensor or switch?
  90. (test)
  91. T-25 lower stock pressure
  92. Need advice
  93. Pn# Mb 953788????
  94. web cam installation question
  95. what can i expect from a 13g?
  96. new car need answers
  97. 1g dash question
  98. 1st Gen. Center Console Question
  99. Anyway to confirm 6 bolt engine without looking at flywheel.??
  100. Upgrading to Big T-28 or Big 16g
  101. tb shaft seals
  102. Need help with adjustable fuel pressure regularator?
  103. Help with clutch selection please
  104. How to set timing when car doesnt start?
  105. Spark Plug Gap
  106. Tick at idle
  107. Cleaning MAS plug?
  108. bad/no idle only on start-up
  109. Oxygen sensor wiring
  110. Question about rotors.
  111. axle???
  112. Looking for a how-to. ACC Belts
  113. EVO III 16g
  114. Red piece/button on 1g sunroof...what is it???
  115. DSM link?/ chipping questiosn.
  116. anyway to tell if this laser is AWD?? pic
  117. Will a 14b actuator bolton to a b16g?
  118. home made boost controler
  119. 650cc injectors
  120. 97 ECU in a 95?
  121. gasket help needed.
  122. Cooling Question??
  123. mafs relocation
  124. What is a 99 Eclipse GSX worth?
  125. HELP!!! 8mpg and almost stock!!
  126. MBC and exactly how it works?
  127. 1g sidemount on a 2g? worth it?
  128. Started to get mad
  129. what to look for in a 1st gen AWD
  130. supporting mods for evo3 big 16g
  131. smoke coming out here...
  132. Do I need a FPR with my Walbro 255 hp pump?
  133. Putting together a fuel line
  134. Adjusting BOV so it wont bog?
  135. Squeeling Belts
  136. Always wondered about this... drive train question
  137. 1g dsm tb same as 1g n/a tb??
  138. Gettin out the wire harness
  139. drop dead center
  140. Spyder owners help me out
  141. Emmisions Question
  142. Lug Size...91 TSI FWD
  143. Supra SMIC As FMIC?
  144. Turbo making noise... im scared poopless
  145. 96 RS engine swap
  146. Wich tubo would you buy?
  147. What boost gauge to get
  148. Trying to find what injectors you need? This may help...
  149. 98 gs-t ecu in a 95 awd easy swap or no
  150. Added 2g elbow and...
  151. Balance Shaft Belt Question.
  152. Really T25
  153. using '90 TB in a '91
  154. quick question on the 4g63t tranny?
  155. Stock clutch limits
  156. how come my cigerette lighter doesn't light up???
  157. How good are dsm cars?
  158. rear o2 sensor install
  159. no power
  160. Electric Oil pressure gauge install
  161. Side effects of motor mounts.
  162. what to look for when picking a front mount?
  163. Most power on stock engine
  164. supporting mods question
  165. Reassembling engine what do i pre-lube?
  166. New clutch & turbo
  167. Choose 1 of 3
  168. exhaust sounds civic vs GST
  169. T25 vs. 14b/help with upgrades
  170. problems with new log
  171. cheap FMIC piping question
  172. New to the talon
  173. venting BOV on a 1g
  174. ARP head stud install
  175. running rich (i think) question?
  176. BCS cause trouble??
  177. EBC vs. MBC
  178. 1G o2 housing port sizes?
  179. comparing insurence rates....
  180. Could someone please check what size bolts I need for the spark plug cover?
  181. S-AFC throttle points
  182. Speakers Swicth???
  183. about the hks ssqv
  184. BCS removal... stock bov?
  185. Smoke when shift
  186. Need a little help on what to do next.
  187. Is the thermostat housing the same between 1g N/A and 1g turbo engines?
  188. dual stage bc question
  189. Buying this turbo. Anyway to tell if its a big or small 16g?
  190. 1g engine in a fwd 2nd gen worth it?
  191. PSI to horsepower?
  192. Going from AWD to FWD... disappointment?
  193. UICP install question.
  194. Basic tuning question(newbish)
  195. not exactly a newb question, but still (tuning thoughts)
  196. Rims?
  197. 2G seats In 1G?
  198. 6 bolt or 7 bolt - how do I know?
  199. Changing Fluid in the Center Differential
  200. What do you think?
  201. Project laser: weight reduction & auto to 5sp swap
  202. few questions
  203. FP Rewire: What did I accomplish?
  204. Base Timing Without Cover
  205. Quick I/C Pipe Question
  206. Alternator Tensioner Bolt/Assembly
  207. 90-91 Carbon fiber hood
  208. Couple of quick maintenance questions??
  209. Fpr
  210. OK to solder a O2 sensor?
  211. Reliability of NT 2g DSM's?
  212. fuel line fitting
  213. 1g oil filter to help prevent crank walk?
  214. Some Questions
  215. Dejon super big sidemount w? pte 50 trim
  216. rnr fmic installation questions
  217. Pshh! Is Gone Dump Tube Mod Sucks!
  218. boost leak tester question.
  219. Exhaust Question
  220. Head to ex. manifold stud specs?
  221. Help?
  222. Getting a SBR evo16g, to port or not to port?
  223. o2 sensor questions
  224. Engine cutting out at WOT.
  225. how much mpg can i expect from a mid-12s 1g talon awd?
  226. turboxs h-34 on a 2g
  227. Head gasket replacement
  228. same shocks?
  229. evo 8 engine swap into a 1g???
  230. Are there 1G automatic EPROM ECUs?
  231. Need some advice on where to install egt probe for gauge that tops out at 1600 deg. ?
  232. Which o2 sensor is which on PL?
  233. newbi I know 6 or 7 bolt?
  234. help dont know whats wrong!
  235. speedometer issue
  236. what the heck is this???
  237. exhaust
  238. AWD to RWD
  239. fwd with traction bar??
  240. turn signal lights
  241. Charcole can removeal
  242. tune with EGT
  243. 97 ecu in 95, 95 in a 97?
  244. abs or non-abs?
  245. Do I really need an install kit with the pte sc 61
  246. what are the specs of the wheels on the evo 8?
  247. smell???
  248. Windshield wiper Reservoir
  249. newbie exhaust question..
  250. 97 gsx, new emissions test, NOT READY??