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  1. 6bolt with 2g head swap.
  2. Winter Driving?
  3. 14B on 2G Max Boost?
  4. Oil System Problems. Read really odd.
  5. Cavalier bolt pattern?
  6. 550cc or 650cc for Evo3 16G??
  7. oil/smoke problem
  8. custom turbo manifolds
  9. oil level is way low than normal!!!
  10. Megan Boost, A/F, Oil pressure gauge install
  11. What size turbo for my setup?
  12. Cams or port?
  13. Lug nuts mm on a GSX?
  14. Cost of a 6-bolt swap
  15. Turbo?
  16. Keep AC w/ a 1G FMIC
  17. Wastegate Pressure
  18. Questions about the new ride
  19. Battery
  20. Water Temp/ Oil Gauge NOT WORKING!!**HELP**SEARCHED
  21. What kind of Loctite for ebay short shifter?
  22. DSMlink reading knock on Freerev. Is it real, or is it phantom knock?
  23. how much boost is 240 hp on a decent t3/t4 hybrid?
  24. new project
  25. POS a/t
  26. Tools?
  27. Power wire for boost gauge light?? NEED HELP!!
  28. Help with my boost problem.
  29. Cold starting
  30. 16g?
  31. a few questions before my installtion
  32. Hub and Knuckle
  33. Turbonetics mbc
  34. Headgasket intsall now no spark
  35. Keydiver Chips Now Eliminate Misfire On 6 Bolt Swap!
  36. brake upgrade?
  37. What oil to use? synthetic or regular?
  38. What do you think about this dynosheet and dsmlink log?
  39. AFC / DSMLINK question
  40. Lucas syn. oil additive?
  41. <- new member, hello everyone
  42. Greddy Type-S problems
  43. couple of questions about my 95 TSi
  44. Smoging My Car
  45. Big Problem need advice!!!!!
  46. Shaking at 80mph
  47. Bleeder hole??
  48. Turbo Setup
  49. Do I need this Vacuum line?
  50. Gas, No spark...Crank no start???
  51. Why wont the car crank over?
  52. intake manifold threads
  53. 1992 3000gt surging???/
  54. Intake pipe question???
  55. cold start ups
  56. So, are aluminum flywheels as reliable as steel ones?
  57. New Turbo Setup
  58. how
  59. Need Header and Turbo Advice
  60. HELP boost/vaccum leak I cant find it
  61. What's up with my headlights?
  62. Throttle body differences?
  63. Squeaking as I turn the wheel?
  64. 2 Questions.
  65. overheating
  66. need some advice from dsmers
  67. How far have you gone on Maf-T
  68. How much boost do I run?
  69. 3'' BUSCHUR HIgh Flow cat
  70. Whats a safe amount of boost?
  71. something is wrong with my idle...
  72. Can I use a VAFC on my turbo eclipse?
  73. newbie here with a question and pics...
  74. New engine, how much hp?
  75. Can a N/T ecu be chipped?
  76. Semi-Urgent Help, AFPR Install
  77. Sideskirt pieces
  78. is this too much boost???
  79. good place for tires
  80. maaco paint
  81. Stock 1g bov vs. Greddy Type S
  82. 14B vs 16G
  83. 6 Bolt Typhoon Engine
  84. 16g shaft play
  85. Oil leak from valve cover
  86. block question..
  87. Turbo Question
  88. Need fmic suggestions
  89. are all boost controllers the same? (MBC`s?)
  90. Whats a good place for rebuild parts for my 420a?
  91. How to ID 4 bolt vs 3 bolt rear-end on the car?
  92. Posts?
  93. Dsmlink terms and definitions
  94. Stock Interior
  95. compression ? for 90gsx
  96. EVO rods and pistons?
  97. just wanted to show my 90 gs-t
  98. 1G Oil and coolent lines from venders?
  99. MMMK Set up is decided. Am I missing anything? Help a Brother out please!
  100. black chunks
  101. dimming interior lights and so forth
  102. what do these terms mean?
  103. Buying question!
  104. new belts sqeak?
  105. pocketlogger code wont work
  106. Fal Fan
  107. Question
  108. afpr low psi
  109. Some problems
  110. Big 16g turbo.
  111. Over heating problem
  112. 1G MAF max HP?
  113. New clutch causing surging Idle???
  114. No Headlight
  115. wavy speedometer, as it accelerates
  116. can someone tell me what turbo is this? pics inside..
  117. Grease fittings for AWD front end?
  118. blue smoke HARD START
  119. When people say to visit the dealership for parts...
  120. Clutch or Tranny problem??
  121. Setup info!
  122. Advice on goin dsm
  123. Coolant reservoir question
  124. AFC NEO Question For my 95 TSi
  125. Upgrading turbo??
  126. 14b Porting
  127. Storing the car, have a question?
  128. 1G drivetrain
  129. Doing 6bolt swap research.
  130. How many miles until it is worn out?
  131. Building a MAD Head
  132. Just checked the gsx to make sure its 4 bolt.
  133. Harness Bar
  134. UHH, where does this thing go?
  135. 4 bolt rear diff on a G-VR4 question
  136. Need help ASAP
  137. oil leak
  138. was my gst worth it
  139. good website for buying complete motors
  140. Talon and Eclipse Differances?
  141. How do you swap out the Engine Harness
  142. Is this a 14b or 19c frank jr.?
  143. Boost Controller
  144. hit fuel cut after pipes, and turob xs BOV install??
  145. Is this worth getting? "boost controller"
  146. Painting Heat Shield
  147. Turbo debate
  148. bogg problem
  149. mbc install on t25?
  150. Phantom knock
  151. 91 laser Turbo Stock exhaust manifold question
  152. Link to Rebuild??
  153. Post count not going up?
  154. Eagle talon considered import?
  155. Yeah... I know I left my keys in the ignition!!!
  156. high idle only after 186 degrees
  157. question about intercooler piping
  158. I have a great opportunity...
  159. 2g/EVO (?) mani crack
  160. Under boost problem
  161. Battery Dead??
  162. Oil filter relocation kit
  163. Squeaky Belts
  164. DSM LINK vs. AEM EMS
  165. AFPR question
  166. Why is my car smoking?
  167. Vac line on JDM motor
  168. Axle support
  169. engine
  170. Banjo bolt size question
  171. 1g steering wheel in a 2g
  172. source for weatherstrip
  173. What is this car's value????
  174. To MAFT or not ?
  175. do 2g's have oil coolers?
  176. 1G bov on stock 2G IC pipe
  177. Datalogger/White smoke
  178. check engine light with fuel codes
  179. Lug Nut Socket Size
  180. Shops in North VA?
  181. Laser Opinions
  182. Tranny/Motor Swap.
  183. Wheel hop.
  184. knocking at only 7 psi???!!!
  185. 3 really important questions..
  186. 1G LASER shuting OFF after warm up at idle.
  187. 1g Fuel rail differance
  188. tranny
  189. 2g n00b question
  190. Silencer for an apexi n1 question
  191. New to the forums...
  192. 5-30W in the winter?
  193. What would be a good set of cams...?
  194. Car blowing blue smoke because of air flow meter?
  195. to buy or not to buy
  196. Oil leak, valve cover full of oil!!
  197. Bent Honeycombs
  198. Nitrous Blower system for 1g...
  199. Is this a good deal
  200. K&N FIPK vs. regular filter
  201. Noob question
  202. steering/handling all jack up?
  203. Higher compression SMOG?
  204. catalytic removal 1g?
  205. Wheel fitment
  206. Do you like column mount gauge pods??
  207. catalytic removal 1g?
  208. remove
  209. 2G fuel filter change....PITA
  210. Replacing te cat with a test pipe
  211. Replacing cat with a test pipe
  212. ECU troubles.
  213. Should I buy this turbo?
  214. Where to begin?
  215. Stock Boost gauge?
  216. Replacing dash button light...
  217. Installing AVCR and I'm lost?!
  218. Gas guage
  219. Motor Swap
  220. DSMLink question
  221. Power/Economy Button...
  222. engine cranks but does not start
  223. O2 sensor question
  224. Couple questions about a manual trans.
  225. I'm new here and in need of parts(tranny)
  226. 6 or 7 Bolt Question
  227. Does anyone have a step by step mod list?
  228. dumb question about installing a boost controller
  229. broken tranny help
  230. need help with front mount intercooler choice
  231. Hks Ssqv
  232. Buying a Dsm questions.
  233. someone
  234. Help a 2G out with his first 1G upgrades?
  235. White smoke
  236. towing
  237. Pshh Dont Know where to post this HERE IT GOES.
  238. Bad Gas cause Knock?
  239. Narrow winter tires on 2g wheel...
  240. Wategate actuator nipple in dumb place?
  241. Replacing cruise control setup?
  242. Stupid question about strokers
  243. holset turbo
  244. Another Newb Question...
  245. how do i take this out???
  246. Max horsepower
  247. Exhaust Question
  248. exhaust question
  249. waisting to much gas
  250. mmcd on laptop problems!