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  1. Engine Management/ Data Logger
  2. 16g or Big 16G Turbo?
  3. GUNK Motor Flush & Injector Cleaner
  4. Indication of low compression on pistons?
  5. eprom ecu
  6. Is there a site I can find a diagram of our engine, so i can see where everything is?
  7. Well What next... Block and Head rebuild
  8. What is a Dumped o2/ o2 eliminator?
  9. BPR6ES vs BPR7ES
  10. Have to make a decision here and need your help.
  11. AWD Axles question
  12. Full 3" Exhaust
  13. Injectors BEFORE turbo?
  14. What kind of suspension do DSMs have?
  15. how do i install a turbo?
  16. D side Brake DRAGGING (Help)
  17. Finally got my dsm!!
  18. fuel system problem
  19. deep sound as engine's rpms go down, what cause? (4g63)
  20. Boosting
  21. What is the best gear oil?
  22. WANTED, Apexi EL 1 pressure gauge
  23. fuel trims
  24. 90 JDM in 91 Talon
  25. do i have a 16g?
  26. 1g block
  27. clutch switch/rpm drop
  28. boost wont stay steady
  29. 3" Exhaust Help
  30. ball bearing
  31. what boost level?
  32. Need help ASAP with gauge install. Interior lights no longer work.
  33. replacing the H3 bulb for 2G Talon
  34. Bov dump tube mod help!!
  35. Need help setting manual boost controller.
  36. How to/what do I need, intake pressure test?
  37. Have timing belt FAQ prinout but...
  38. 20W-40 - The motor oil of choice for turbocharged engines.
  39. Question about 2g O2 Housing
  40. Walbro 190 fuel pump installation
  41. Fuel Cut info help
  42. Simple clutch fluid questions
  43. swapping turbo engine into 95 esi
  44. GSi ??
  45. advice....should i buy this car
  46. crank pully torque specs
  47. Power steering built up pressure?
  48. good place to buy engine?
  49. which timing light?
  50. Re-wired FP + stock boost = really rich?
  51. Magnecores
  52. Stupid 2nd gear dead spot!!!
  53. Compression and Valve Clearance Question
  54. manual cams vs automatic cams
  55. Where to get a 1g Tranny
  56. Lowering a 91 GSX
  57. expected 2g times with minor bolt ons
  58. exturnal wastegate on t25
  59. How is my 95 gst different from 96-99
  60. Water Pump Replacement
  61. 2.5" n1 vs. 3" dunk cat back
  62. what do ya think
  63. what do you all do: leave car running or turn it off?
  64. what settings
  65. Front Bumper Lights
  66. need help with fuel
  67. Help
  68. crank angle sensor and stand alone ?
  69. is this real knock?
  70. how much boost now
  71. Crankshaft rotated with timing belt removed
  72. New downpipe what can I expect?
  73. howstuffworks site
  74. Finally...and I need some help
  75. Where can I buy 1G aircan clamps?
  76. are these tires any good?
  77. 18's to big?
  78. front Cover plug??
  79. RRE Downpipe
  80. modifying...
  81. Where to buy Redline Shockproof?
  82. crankwalk?
  83. Greddy Type-S BOV adjustment
  84. How to put new headlight bulb in?
  85. FOR SALE 95 eclipse GST
  86. Power doorlocks
  87. 4G64 engine swap possible?
  88. Haltech E6k
  89. heatshield
  90. lower crank seal
  91. Short Route Piping
  92. 20g
  93. help direct me to information...
  94. Where is the ignition plug???????
  95. Quick Question...
  96. Would 2.0L Inline 6 spool like 20g same as 2.0L Inline 4 ?
  97. "Do's" and "Dont's" for intake leak tester?
  98. Oil leaking around oil pump
  99. rebuild 1.8L or swap
  100. ok so I am a dumb ass and dont know what a 4 bolt rear end is
  101. Power Antenna
  102. Need a new starter
  103. bad lifters
  104. 16g question.
  105. changed fuel filter, now i hear the BOV!
  106. problem with intake leak test
  107. awd drivetrain questions
  108. Is this Talon AWD?
  109. FLORIDA DSMers - Help w/ car smog/registration questions...
  110. Where is the oil filter?
  111. 90 awd axles???
  112. 100k mile maintenance
  113. What would you buy first with only $4,000?
  114. Upper Intercooler pipe (aftermarket)
  115. tdo5 or tdo6 20g
  116. I think I hit fuel cut...
  117. Where the hell is the power transistor?
  118. Opinions on if I should buy this '94 TSi AWD...
  119. DSM optimal shifting range?!
  120. Where to get datalogger?
  121. Front Cover/oil pump
  122. Safe boost level for track use?
  123. what should i do next
  124. fast 14b
  125. TPS installation
  126. Question about valve stem seals
  127. Will this be simple?
  128. Where can I learn about tuning?
  129. Difference between Autometer electronic and mechanical gauges...?
  130. Dash Warning Lights
  131. hooking up profec b with an exteral wastegate
  132. Blocked off my EGR...
  133. pocketlogger interpretation help
  134. Where is the fuel filter?
  135. will these wheels fit?
  136. Aftermarket BOV
  137. lack of power from 4500-6000rpm?
  138. Extreme/Thermal 3" Turbo-Back Exhaust System Question...
  139. installing downpipe help
  140. embarassingly newbie spark plug question
  141. Rearend Thump fix
  142. 2g Exhaust/intake mani with 1g head
  143. Shifting with the car off
  144. Intercooler question
  145. Setting the timing (base idle set mode)
  146. Lower timing belt cover difference 6 bolt-7 bolt?
  147. bigger oil filter
  148. Tell me all you know about a 91 Talon TSi... ?'s
  149. Stock egt temps??
  150. '99 GSX w/ 88k???
  151. Transmission Filler Hole
  152. What's the point of porting and polishing the head?
  153. max whp
  154. Turbo Sizing
  155. Question about hood pins...
  156. How do I "Read" a Dyno Chart?
  157. natural oil VS. synthetic oil
  158. High whistle only when im on the gas
  159. Exhaust question
  160. Shift Knob Question
  161. external 02 dump??
  162. Turbo Vs. Intercooler
  163. Clutch master cylinder
  164. Downforce from underneath car instead of wing
  165. t3 and t4 turbos
  166. 95 GSX Boost questions
  167. 16G Upgrade
  168. cheap 20gs??
  169. Professional Injector Cleaning?
  170. Blitz type S....dont work?!
  171. 1g throttle body upgrade to 2g?
  172. 225/45/17?
  173. buying a pocketlogger
  174. boost leak question
  175. transfer case fluid, what kind should I put?
  176. Car running like crap in this weather...
  177. HELP!!!BLocked off vacume line to wastgate and....
  178. Is the GM MAF-Translator right for me?
  179. 420a sucks, need new engine. I'm a newbie
  180. What's the most hp you can crank out of the small 16g?
  181. MBC setting
  182. How do i check the master and slave cylinders?
  183. Car just dies
  184. Upgrading the fuel pump
  185. Do mods affect vacuum?
  186. egt/boost guage where to get
  187. Air conditioning, Green light Vs. Yellow light
  188. Help me Identify this unknown part... DSM
  189. running with no downpipe?
  190. What Is A PTE Turbo?
  191. Mbc Install On 2g Help Fewls :p
  192. Correct my friend when it comes to injectors.
  193. Stock Exhaust Question
  194. Is there a visual distinction between a 6 and 7-bolt?
  195. Dejon Tools Intake ???'s
  196. east coast dsm venders
  197. removed lower honeycomb now problems
  198. water around engine...
  199. to get in the mid 13's
  200. Brake fluid question
  201. Fuel Filter location
  202. How much coolant to use?
  203. What to do with 4k into a 1g dsm?
  204. Diff dsm motors?
  205. High boost for mods I have?
  206. turbo/oil
  207. 2g MAS/MAF on 1g
  208. Decided To Datalog. Best? Cheapest?
  209. What do you think of this car?
  210. How to recharge 2G AC!!
  211. Were on the block are the water feed ports?
  212. bcs hose
  213. What caliper for measuring crankwalk?
  214. 255lph non-high pressure pump
  215. Power Gains From exhaust
  216. need help looking for buchur web address
  217. Intake and Exhaust Cams
  218. JDM 4g63t VS. 2g US 4g63
  219. Engines are NO good
  220. Tunerstein or Pocketlogger for 2g 95
  221. Throttle Body?
  222. looking for safc settings!!
  223. Help It Wont Start!!!!!
  224. 1g throttle body on 2g?
  225. Will a 92 3kgt vr-4 bov bolt on to a 2g?
  226. 90 TSi failed emissions! Disconnected EGR???
  227. Muffler on stock exhaust
  228. T-25 installation
  229. Extreme technologies 3'' turbo-back exhaust system
  230. Where is psi measured at?
  231. why the diff. from 99rs to 99gst
  232. Best year to get a head for swap,
  233. Questions Before My Purchase
  234. How do I tap into the water jacket for a coolant feed for a turbo?
  235. what gaskets do i need
  236. Running rich or lean?
  237. unwanted boost issue...
  238. where to buy a used tranny?
  239. hesistation in first gear only at 5700 and up
  240. Approximately $6k for my 1G!
  241. 2g mas for a 1g
  242. Low/Mid 12 sec recipes / whats needed?
  243. Lug pattern for 2G
  244. I need advice
  245. lots of smoke
  246. 14b install
  247. supra smic vs. starion fmic????
  248. Puck Clutches?
  249. Cranking the boost on the 14b
  250. newbie needs 3000GTVR4 info