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  1. CEL on!
  2. 92 Talon
  3. Thinking about selling the car sadly, need some opinions
  4. N/T Tranny
  5. Synapse synchronic BOV
  6. +35 offset?
  7. P0443 EVAP code, and what seems like fuel cut
  8. just fyi
  9. MSD Question
  10. 4g63t Install Write Up?
  11. accumulator cylinder bypass
  12. need help choosing clutch kit
  13. Ecu's compatible with TMO ecu upgrade ?
  14. oil on head
  15. leaking capacitor
  16. Questions?
  17. Hesitation Under Acceleration.
  18. Need some help with maf
  19. EGR question
  20. fuel pump removal
  21. Anyone ever used one of these radio bezels??
  22. Car won't start
  23. Alternator help
  24. Top End Rebuild
  25. Finally going to get a DSM, but I have a few questions...
  26. 3g lifters
  27. logger download?
  28. Is it bad that one of my valve cover bolts is broken off?
  29. drain tranny out of the car
  30. Ready to give up
  31. How do i put a Signature
  32. 6 bolt built
  33. Autometer Boost Gauge Off ?
  34. [PLEASE HELP!] How to get spare out of trunk '91 talon?
  35. What is that nipple for on Greddy Type S
  36. What gives a drag car the big deep sound?
  37. Question For Rook
  38. FWD/AWD Clutches, Same?
  39. Sparkplug Question?
  40. 2ga foglight's
  42. NEED HELP FAST. Engine removal
  43. 2g fwd tranny in 1g
  44. Check out this TCU
  45. Wastegate knowledge needed
  46. Physically broken Temp gauge sensor what now ?
  47. BIG coolant temp sensor issue
  48. Following CEL codes
  49. Car turns over but wont start(i searched all over the place even google and dsm tuner
  50. Centerforce dual friction clutch,
  51. Another BOV question
  52. 1st gen talon tsi fwd..(-.-
  53. spyder trunk leak?
  54. Porting 2g o2 Housing larger than 2.5 inches
  55. 99 gsx ECU compatible with 98 tsi awd??
  56. Quick newb question. Are 90-99 vc the same?
  57. Coolant temp sensor location on 1g 7bolt motor ?
  58. need rough tune settings (built 35r w/880's)
  59. Forge VTA BOV///
  60. Good deal or no?
  61. Can I hook up two boost gauges to a single vacuum line?
  62. Oil filter cooling bracket question
  63. Fuel pump hp ratings
  64. Signs of white(ish) smoke other then a bad turbo, need some serious help
  65. OK OK where did the damn weight loss thread go? (need to know the weight of tranny)
  66. 272 cams
  67. help buying a cranckshaft
  68. Full rebuild dilema
  69. Fuel pump rewire/replacement question.
  70. What to do?
  71. how to remove exhaust housing
  72. weird problem..
  73. a couple questions when racing
  74. Stock oill cooler?
  75. Help! I can't seem to install my oil filter feed line
  76. Some info on o2 dump intrnl WGT
  77. Whining Noise
  78. shaving to fit rear upper control arm urethane
  79. Auto To Manual Swap
  80. Car Jerking Violently
  81. Interesting article
  82. 98 GSX Stopped Accl. on the highway HELP!
  83. Ignition problem
  84. Air filter without 2g MAF on Injen intake pipe ?
  85. Painting Mid Light
  86. San Diego balance shaft
  87. Compression test and rebuild question
  88. 2g Fwd, Yellow Springs???
  89. Fwd and Awd shock/strut differences.
  90. FP Intake Pipe questions
  91. Maryland body shops?
  92. 1g turbo and non turbo head
  93. surges
  94. Audio Grounding
  95. Western PA shops needed ASAP!!
  96. Replacing Radiator
  97. Where to begin....
  98. A/F Ratio change
  99. Tubular manifold studs....
  100. RPM's Jumping Electronicly!! Please help!
  101. Best Turbo? for fully built 2.0L 4g63
  102. Oil feed line
  103. New guy here
  104. To all who have rebuilt transmission.
  105. Closing a Thread!!
  106. Educate me on An fittings
  107. 7bolt head on 6bolt block?
  108. New to DSM Talk
  109. Compression ratio variants?
  110. BOV and WASTEGATE
  111. Boost Creep..... EVO 3---vs.---SLeeper 20g
  112. what should i do?
  113. I just wanted to say hi and i have a couple of questions.
  114. New here from Mass
  115. question about power steering and a few other things
  116. black spyder?
  117. Hello to all. Recent B5 Audi S4 to 1G DSM convert here.
  118. removing exhaust studs
  119. Where to buy BEP dsm flange housing for my hx40?
  120. Whack fuel pump voltage after rewire
  121. New to DSM talk
  122. HKS SSQ Setup + MBC Setup help
  123. Where can I find the timing belt tool?
  124. N/T or Turbo Block?
  125. Eletrical problem?
  126. misfire
  127. Knock Sensor
  128. To stroke or not to stroke, that is the question
  129. Is the eclipse right for me??
  130. Really simple question about T25's
  131. 4g63
  132. 2gb Talon Headlight Question?
  133. Fuel Pressure Solenoid causing rich condition?
  134. Maybe selling my car...
  135. Fuel Leak
  136. Eclipse to Talon Question...
  137. Wideband Alternatives
  138. Instrument panel fuse
  139. oil leak
  140. 4G63 Engine
  141. Crank angle sensor
  142. 6 bolt on a 2g, which thermostat housing?
  143. Help Identify This Connector
  144. changing over to speed density
  145. Oil Leak on the Drivers Side. I need some confirmation here...
  146. 1997 Base Model 420a misfire
  147. N/T 6-Bolt oilpan same as Turbo 6-bolt oilpan?
  148. how to take off cylinder head ?
  149. how to verify if tranny has LSD?
  150. Ticking valves
  151. New here guys what sup
  152. Idle Problems/ Something is bad!
  153. 4th Gen
  154. Advice on getting more Horse Power
  155. new 2 dsms and looking at a laser
  156. 2g motor mounts question
  157. Quality Head Studs
  158. Weird eclipse headlight problem wiring
  159. Looking for a thread :S
  160. Help me find this thread please!
  161. Turboback exhaust?
  162. Help?
  163. need help...
  164. What is the problem?
  165. 4g63t full gasket
  166. Can't Get It Started..
  167. Oil Cooler Leak. Is it a seal or do I need a whole new one? [with pics]
  168. Wastegate Information.
  169. Electronic Boost Controllers.
  170. Injectors
  171. Checking valve stem seals
  172. Identifying 1g turbo cams
  173. Bent Valves?
  174. what turbo is this?
  175. Can someone please fully explain Timing?
  176. Aftermarket timing belts
  177. Quick E85 and AEM EUGO Question.
  178. Weird problem between shifts
  179. cv axle not spinning tranmission output shaft
  180. Which (recirculated) Bov fits best my setup?
  181. 6 bolt intake Manifold in a 2g
  182. Engine out. Firewall cleaning
  183. Need Help
  184. Grinding Noise from Underneath the Car
  185. Car cranks but wont start.
  186. How to tell what kind of 16g...
  187. Electrical Problem? Need some help.
  188. Code 21 on 1g GSX
  189. re-circulation hose
  190. belts/pulley squeak Power issues
  191. ssqv Install?
  192. NEWB to DSM's!!!!
  193. Ecu and turbo question
  194. 2 questions about aftermarket gauge sensors?
  195. Dangers of running 30psi
  196. New Here, Not Dsm's
  197. Reading the classifieds
  198. that 'other site' pisses me off
  199. Re: Reading the classifieds
  200. classifieds
  201. Oil pickup tube
  202. narrow band question
  203. 2g Won't Start
  204. I checked the book and...
  205. Yet another problem with the GST.
  206. Need Help
  207. Need a quick answer please.
  208. Newbie
  209. Throttle to 100%?
  210. Fng
  211. 99 GSX issues, but what else is new lol
  212. Car stalls every time I push in the clutch!
  213. my account
  214. FIAV bolts/screws
  215. 99 FWD Trans in a FWD 90.
  216. 96 eclipse gsx
  217. I don't know what to do?
  218. Got my car finally on the road
  219. Rim Specs
  220. Dirty/Overoiled K&N
  221. 16G Turbo Removal
  222. Timeing belt ?
  223. Code Reader.
  224. used rebuilt vs. used vs. refurb vs. new
  225. help!!!
  226. Gasket question
  227. Wideband reading questions
  228. The never ending 1G into a 2G swap
  229. What Now?
  230. How much HP do you think?
  231. Upgrade Suggestions
  232. Idling Issue
  233. Battery warning light
  234. Cam Sensor Question.
  235. Alternator pulley
  236. Starting issue and Back firing.,
  237. 2G with 6bolt swap timeing ?
  238. Crankshaft position sensor
  239. Got My Car Running Finally!! New Problems...
  240. What kind of maintence schedule/list do you AWD guys have?
  241. Coolant return line question
  242. "Newbie"
  243. Classified section
  244. Not new to DSM's, but new to Talk
  245. hi new
  246. grinding on start on a 96 gsx
  247. Exhaust replacement
  248. Question about idle control and vacuum
  249. Lash Adjusters
  250. 7 Bolt Bottom End Rebuild Need Advice