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  1. what mod should i do first?
  2. Proper Tuning ... what electronics does that entail
  3. Im buying a GSX..What should i know?
  4. TSI or GSX???????????
  5. Engine Swaps
  6. Which Clutch?!?
  7. peltiers on IC possible?
  8. major n00b question inside :)
  9. how do i tune our cars
  10. Rules of the Newbies forum - please read.
  11. Guess I'll be the first to welcome you newbies...
  12. New Car...
  13. What kind of gauges?
  14. DEFI D gauges
  15. 92-5 speed AWD Tranny problem...
  16. BOV & Intakes???
  17. Semi-new car .. aftermarket mods
  18. built up eclipse motor
  19. I've searched for the past 45 min....
  20. Newbie Tranny Question
  21. Newbie In Need Of Major Help....
  22. autometer air/fuel ratio gauge.
  23. Mechanical vs. Electronic Boost Controllers
  24. Gear grinding
  25. Tranny Fluid +...
  26. Little questions of wonders
  27. IC hoses....any benifits??
  28. Which GSX would you look at?
  29. Hump on drivers side
  30. Crankwalk or something else ?
  31. 2g Engines for sale?
  32. 20 psi or 30 psi Boost Gauge?
  33. Trans. info
  34. am i in the right direction
  35. What's the difference between tune-up and changing spark plugs?
  36. Checking out a 2g Eclipse, what to look for?
  37. turbo spec
  38. Car feels weak,Plugs?
  39. MAF sensor help
  40. Downpipe ground
  41. interchangeable parts for Laser
  42. dp with a o2 eliminator
  43. boost leak or need stronget FP
  44. exhaust help
  45. xtreme newbie question-what is knock
  46. a-pillar gauges
  47. psi
  48. more newbie questions
  49. Replacing Turbo?
  50. intercooler cleaning?
  51. 1991 Eagle Talon TSi, ECU
  52. Charcole Canister
  53. why did i buy a dsm
  54. Explain why you need an aftermarket BOV?
  55. Difference between D20 and D22A
  56. What is this gauge?
  57. turn up the boost?
  58. bov makes pssst sound on automatic?
  59. Rear Strut Bar???
  60. stock Tach not working after gauge face install
  61. Super newbie question, diff bettween manual and auto trans
  62. 510 cc. injectors (yellow tops)
  63. Where can i find a new/used DSM motor
  64. is there a replacement computer sys?
  65. wastegate solenoid missing?
  66. how much boost?
  67. water pump go boom!
  68. A few problems and questions
  69. Crankwalk Q
  70. 2.0 Turbo into 1.8 chassis
  71. Walbro gas gauge only reads half full
  72. help on free solenoid mod
  73. How to get the panel off to get to oxygen sensor?
  74. Anyone have a 1g motor for sale??
  75. ECU, AWD vs. t-FWD
  76. 070 housing---stupid question
  77. Boost Gauge only works half the time.
  78. What is a fair price for a 1G Intercooler?
  79. Lotek guage pillar install...
  80. upper ic pipe
  81. What could i set the boost to??
  82. 420a question
  83. T- FWD vs T- AWD
  84. fair price on a 95 talon tsi awd w/75k
  85. Buying a quality DSM
  86. adjusting throttle cable... ?
  87. How to get a pillar pods to stick without drilling holes
  88. 6bolt 7bolt?
  89. 2g rods on 1g crank
  90. buying a 1st gen, waht i need to know
  91. O2 housing??
  92. '90 plymouth laser
  93. What does this light mean
  94. When did it happen?
  95. Crankwalk : should i worry?
  96. Question about reliablility of 1st gen rebuild
  97. HKS EVC or Hallman + Guage?
  98. Help a possible new owner out
  99. Deep Explanation of Engine Knock and how Turbos work
  100. Please read...need opnions ASAP
  101. fuel pump rewire question
  102. Lowering Basics
  103. 1g Spark Plug Firing Order ?
  104. silly forum posting question
  105. 2g MAS into 1g help
  106. 1g BOV installation help
  107. tsi talon engine capabilities
  108. Dejon Tool Intake Pipe Applications
  109. New clutch and flywheel and it still slips!!
  110. 1g block on 2g motor? and motor swap
  111. installing hks ssqv bov
  112. Radiator fans won't turn on
  113. New here!
  114. whats wrong with venting to the atmosphere?
  115. Which fuel filter on 1g dsm?
  116. Engine Diagrams
  117. Eagel Talon TSI need suggestions HELP!!!!
  118. How long before a 2G needs a rebuild?
  119. what do DSM's top out at
  120. Black smoke and less power at 4500RPM?
  121. 7cm turbine housing with 6cm manifold and O2?
  122. Need To Port The Gasket???
  123. Water pump install
  124. I want my greddy bov louder!
  125. 1g fwd vs awd exhaust DIFFERENT?
  126. Fmic!
  127. New to DSM
  128. How do you get video to the computer?
  129. bout to be a DSM guy...HELP
  130. the proper sparkplugs
  131. do i need a turbo timer?
  132. do 1g BOV`s vent?
  133. need words of encouragment
  134. what do you guys use for leak test?
  135. 3 or 4 bolt rear
  136. 6 bolt or 7 bolt? What do I have?
  137. Is this a good deal on this car...
  138. How do I install A/F Gauge? -also which power wire?
  139. 1991 Eagle Talon - Buy?
  140. oem vs. aftermarket headlights
  141. Help with info on a possible GS-T
  142. turbo bolt ons 1g
  143. EVo Vll Swap
  144. What do YOU use your boost controller for?
  145. which mani is better
  146. hello!!!
  147. hey folks!!
  148. resetting the ECU
  149. having hesitation while in boost
  150. quick question about turbo hp!
  151. 3G Upgradability
  152. stock tach cuts out
  153. Turbo Specs?
  154. clutch? or something esle about to break
  155. Shop Manual on CD???
  156. got new gsx but need help with old ford
  157. AWD on FWD dyno?
  158. Plz descibe a FULL TUNE UP
  159. with these mods can i run 17 pounds?
  160. "holy S":t You Really Did Build That"
  161. Recalled stuff
  162. 1g awd top speed question
  163. Turbo Maintenance
  164. What mods for $500-$750
  165. Swapping 90 to 92-94 eprom ecu
  166. 3 bolt and 4 bolt rear hp limits!
  167. What does clipped mean?
  168. Free wheeling
  169. performance using a cold can for fuel?
  170. Super cold idea, could it work?
  171. GS-T Speed and Rev limiters
  172. Where to buy stock intercoolers?
  173. Boost
  174. i figure this is the right room for this question
  175. Stock DSM stats
  176. HP to the Wheels
  177. why? why did i buy an RS?
  178. modding question
  179. Newbie to this board, looking for......
  180. Datalogging?
  181. what is the stock 2G boost map
  182. is there a classified section here?
  183. short Throw
  184. Dumb question, Hehe, please help
  185. 2nd Gen MAF on 1st Gen
  186. new car
  187. 5w-30, 10w-30??
  188. A Couple of Intake Questions! please help
  189. Just installed s-afc, now how do i lean my car on idle with it ? It's really rich.
  190. Best turbo filter!?
  191. 1990 Talon TSi is it worth it???
  192. New DSM owner..Soon?? A few ?'s.
  193. What's the difference between 1G and 2G GST suspensions?
  194. Whats better 6 bolt or 7 bolt? and why?
  195. New to tuning
  196. Gear "Popping" and a few more ?'s
  197. Turbo Price?
  198. Check engine light question!
  199. Teach me...
  200. Complicated Decision
  201. May be a dumb question but....
  202. clutch problems....
  203. What turbo should i upgrade to?
  204. My first turbo oil change, with a turbo DSM
  205. Just did a carfax report, WTF!?!?
  206. what kind of fuel mods for a 20g?
  207. how do i get the code from the check engine light?
  208. stereo code
  209. determining engine build by vin?
  210. fact. boost gauge
  211. Location of PCV Hose?
  212. questions about a tsi i might be buying
  213. Blue Wire Mod for SAFC
  214. Clutch Installation help
  215. Really simple yet sad question...which reservoir is this? (2G)
  216. What psi should i run
  217. Hp diffrence with turbo size?
  218. boost gauge install
  219. Need good place to run harness through firewall.
  220. Engine Swap Question
  221. AWD Tranny Q
  222. Stupid Question
  223. 6 or 7 bolt?
  224. how do u bleed the clutch?
  225. $2000 for a 92 Talon Tsi FWD???
  226. Pocket logger? Explain what this does to me?
  227. clutch pedal removal
  228. 18's out back, 17s up front
  229. Running rich is getting annoying now
  230. 1990 Talon Tsi
  231. removing bov line?
  232. How much boost can the stock 1g blow off take?
  233. What can I expect?
  234. EGT or o2 from jumptronix
  235. Strut Bar?
  236. two newbie questions
  237. Quick question
  238. transfer case
  239. 14B on a 2G
  240. boost leak test for complete idiots
  241. What are the odds of getting crankwalk?
  242. vaccum leak causing bad idle
  243. timing belt tensioner pulley
  244. T3/T4 specs
  245. this is my first post due to
  246. Crank Angle Sensor gone bad?!?
  247. Where to find a used Spyder?
  248. Air/Fuel Gauge readings? Worthless?
  249. what have been your major problems with a 1g awd?
  250. intake for 2nd gen gsx question