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: Nitto 555 DRS

Peter 92TSI
03-21-2001, 09:25 PM
Hey guys... I am tired so excuse the grammer.

Anyway I ordered a 2 Nitto 205/45/16s Drag Radials from Discount tire last week. The tires came to my door for 210 dollars shipped. I had them mounted, and really couldn't try em out until today.

Nitto 555 Directional Drag Radial
Traction: AA
Temperture: A
Treadware: 100

Looking at them in my Garage, I was a bit worried that these tires were going to do nothing for me. Running my Eagle Rsas, I spin like crazy in 1st, crazy in 2nd, and if it's cold enough even 3rd.

So I put them on the front: Here is my setup

16x6 rims in the front
17x7 in the back (reduces weight transfer)
Eibach Springs

I go out, and the first thing I notice is the handling is much better. A nice added bonus in a drag radial. :) So I head out to my favorite local testing, ground and proceed to do a test. I rev to 3,400 slip out the clutch, and go about 60% throttle in first, shift to 2nd, and hammer the throttle, the tires were spinning a bit, but gripping like crazy. 3rd was perfect. I was impressed, more than impressed. I didn't think a tire could help out so much. Seriously impressed.

Anyway I got out, and check the tires. They were actually HOT. That is what a soft tire will do for you.

I tried it again, and did a nice short burnout the warm up the tires. I did another run. Even better when warm. I was seriously impressed.

These tires rock for street drag racing use. But they do wear out quick. When I left they had writting all over the threads, and by the time I got home, all the lines are writing were gone.

I love em. :)