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: Extreme Motorsports stiff shift bushing

03-25-2001, 03:56 AM
Well after giving my tranny a thorough flogging this weekend I think I can give an accurate review on this product from Extreme Motorsports. Cost was $20 (they probably make a killing on this one) and the product was shipped on time as usual.

The install wasn't too bad- for a DSM part :). Remove your airfilter and MAS hose/pipe. If its not too much trouble, remove the upper half of your intercooler pipe. I was able to install it without doing this but it would have made it easier. Now find where the shifter cables come from the back of your engine compartment and follow them till you see a support bracket. On a 1g the cables are supported by a bracket that is mounted to another bracket that bolts to the transmission housing. On a 2g the support is bolted directly to the trans housing. Unbolt the bracket from the trans housing (12mm)and you will find two rubber inserts. Pop these inserts out and insert the Extreme Motosports CNC'd aluminum bushing with the stepped side facing away from the transmission and bolt everythign back up hand tight.

On my car I have the B&M Edge Shifter, David S bushing kit, and BG Synchroshift. The David S kit combined with the B&M Edge shifter made such a big difference there seemed to be little room for improvement and turned out that was somewhat true. I can't tell a difference on the street during normal driving, BUT I haven't missed any gears when racing or during aggressive driving. In fact I haven't missed a gear since I installed it. I thought the use of rubber inserts was a poor choice by our friends in Japan. I don't know how hot the tranny housing gets when you're doing some dragging, but I bet it gets hot enough to soften those factory rubber bushing so that there is alot of play while your slamming gears. I'd be interested to hear from someone who has done this as thier first drivetrain modification. Overall, I'd recommend it.

99 GSX

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03-26-2001, 05:31 AM
whats the david s bushing kit and where can i get it. I just ordered the extreme shift kit, ill have it on by friday. Im pretty sure the car has a short throw shifter already, it cant get any shorter than than unless the prev owner just cut it. I miss alot of gears at the track so thats why i bought the shift kit. Where can i get that bushing thing.

03-26-2001, 05:37 AM
nevermind i just ordered it from machv. Hopefully that with my shift kit will solve my shifting problems.

03-26-2001, 06:21 PM
welll i ordered both shift kit, the one from extreme and the one from machv. Hopefully ill get as good a difference as you did. I have not made a pass at the track w/o missing a gear.