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: Anyone ever have a clogged radiator. Symptoms?

09-23-2004, 11:50 PM
Well its been a long road but bear with me. To start Filled the coolant started up let idle til bubbles were gone let it cycle topped it off and it was good. Maybe 20 minutes into it it was cycling good (180 Thermostat) so it is constantly cycling. With the cap off it then just started Shooting it up in the air as if it was coming up through the tstat and hitting a restriction causing itself to rush backwards. In a weird way kinda looked like 10 people tring to squeeze through one door not happenin right well thats where I am at just lookin to see if anyone has any symptoms of a clogged radiator.

So the history part well stock the car ran good but was starting to overheat screw it I said cuz I had parts that needed installed So I put in , in 2 days all at once GT30r, afc, 650s, Kevlar timing belt , Evo mani , stage 3 ecu, FMIC , aem alt pulley, A/f boost and egt new mbc hks ssqv 3inch exhaust and all new oil lines and filters along with antifreeze and oil obviously. Prolly left some stuff out but you get the picture. Well of course it was overheating and spitting coolant again. replaced Tstat to a 180 no change. Mind you at this point my fans wont kick on at temp so I had to use ac on all the time but I took ac out so no biggie. Replaced the radiator cap as it still had the stocker. (keep in mind i had a good one on old motor 2 months prior but just used the one that came with thisun. Well that eliminated the coolant coming out of the overflow but it kept overheating and now the fans would never kick. Found some break in the wire by radiator connector. Wel after research I was like screw this im startin from scratch so I replaced the headgasket which looked ok and the water pump which definately had some bad bearings as they were coming out. All back together which brings me to present day. So The car is runnin good fans kickin on at temp which surprised me cuz it hasnt done so in like 6 months so I did somethin right! So after the coolant shoots out like the exorcist I topped it off and went for a cruise. All good til I hit a light so I try to get her back to speed and my buddys stop me say im smokin. So pop the hood turns out its the coolant from previous but my fans are of grab the wires back on. Turns out my plug was having troubles and needed pressed together. So I used my machete and cut some string from my shirt to tie the plug together. Made it home good no probs so I am still weary why the coolant was backing itself up. So my apologies on length but thats been the thorn in my side for 4 months getting close to the problem at hand just in time for winter right. Damn this car so owns me That i am so glad I talked the old lady into getting one and her trannys out. DSM = All you free time belong to us! Its not that bad but man What kind of medication could cure a headache this big Nothing. Thanks P
PS I just wanna hit the track and crack a 12 second run before winter thats all I have been askin for 4 months But my pimp (gsx) obviously has plans of hibernation. That aint right.