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: a/c removal

04-23-2001, 12:47 PM
how do i go about taking my air conditioner out, and how much weight is it gonna shave off my car? i have a 2g eclipse. anything to help make this task any easier would be greatly appreciated.

Super Talon
04-23-2001, 09:18 PM
ummm why... If you want to get rid of weight just take out the engine IMO

04-23-2001, 09:27 PM
If you are doing it just to shave weight it only takes off about 40 lbs. You will however gain some aditional horses from loosing the belt and or the power steering. No power steering isn't fun without a manual rack :(

04-24-2001, 01:00 AM
thank you lafemme, do i have to take out my power steering to remove the ac? i dont want to remove the power steering just yet. i kinda like it,lol!! i am getting ready to get NOS myself. what size shot do you have. did you have to do anything to the engine to accomodate the NOS? have you had any problems with your engine since the NOS was installed? sorry bout all the questions, i just dont want to fuck anything up!