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: Air Intake problems

05-01-2001, 06:54 PM
I just recently modded my aircan in my NT. I basically cut everything out of the can except for the ring and one existing bracket. I then bought a K&N filter to go on and I noticed a nice sound difference and little performance gain.
But I also have a problem, to start off my idle has always been low when I step on the clutch, it seems to drop like nothing and hit 500 then step up to around 700. It almost seems like it will stall but never has until tonight. A few hours after I put my new filter mod in it stalled when I was stopped and had just depressed the clutch.
Anyone know what this is and know how to fix my idle so it will stop doing this?
My Idle normal is 900 BTW.

05-01-2001, 07:37 PM
my 1.8 with silencer removed stalls out sometimes when Its cold or hasnt been started recently. It might be because I dont have a exhaust on it yet (coming directly out of exhaust manifold).