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: My SBR experiences.

Street Surgeon
12-28-2005, 04:17 PM
1st order:
My first order from SBR was a huge collection of parts for my head, and various timing and other componets. All told it was about 1100 worth of parts. I placed the order and a box came within a week. Upon opening the box there were several parts missing. These parts were NOT on the invoice so I didn't "pay" for them per se, but I had ordered them I guess they just never got processed or something? Also a set of motormounts were not in the box (I was informed they were on backorder so no biggie) and they sent me a regular mitsu balance belt when I had ordered a kevlar one.

Well after a quick call to them they agreed to take the regular balance belt back and send me the right one, then they punched in all the parts they missed and ran that up, sent it out. Done and done.

2nd order:
Ordered one of their Race FMIC kits, parts came and the core has a noticeable corrosion spot on the front and lots of scratches? It probably works fine but it's just dissappointing when you order one of these and it arrives looking like ass. I emailed back and forth and was told that they would see what the manufacturer of the core could do for me. I called today and "Matt" from SBR just told me to box it up and ship it back, they would send me out a new one or fix that (which is fine with me) so off it goes this week.

Also, about those motor mounts that were on backorder.... About a month plus goes by and still no motormounts arrive. I call in to inquire as to when they are expecting them in, and they shipped em out that day.

Overall my experience with them has been a positive one, I've saved money by going through them and any problems I've had they've taken care of. I'm sure I've had worse luck than most but when you order a million little parts I'm sure it gets hard to keep track of it all. If you need help from there I suggest getting ahold of "Matt"

That is all :D

12-29-2005, 03:42 AM
The point has been made.