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: terrible service from PTE

02-01-2006, 08:59 AM
I'm not normally one to complain, but pte is giving me the worst customer service I've ever received in my life. The story is that I bought a new gt3076r from slowboy and I can't get pte to send me the correct exhaust housing for it. I originally ordered the turbo from slowboy a week before december, and was told that it would take a week. Well we(Dj from etmotorsports, slowboy and I), waited on the exhaust housing from pte for a month(turns out slowboy has pte make the housings for their turbos). Unfortunatly they ported out the divider for the wastegate, even though the work order from slowboy specified that it shouldn't be. So we asked pte for the correct housing, and asked that it be externally gated this time, but they said it would take too long to do(two weeks to make an externally gated housing), so they sent an internally gated one again, and it took them two weeks to do it. When it came in I took 1.5 hours to fully port it, trusting it was the correct housing. When it came time to bolt it on, it was the wrong housing again, and was obviously for an entirely different turbo. We contacted pte and they refused to believe it and said they wouldn't replace it. So we sent the housing back to slowboy, and they said that just by looking at it you could tell it was wrong, and got pte to say they would replace it for the third time. Again I requested that it be externally gated, and they are simply refusing. At this point the guys at slowboy are trying to convince them to make me an externally gated housing, and I'm just waiting to see what I get and how long it'll take this time. This whole process has now taken 10 weeks, and pte is refusing to give me what I want.