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07-31-2006, 10:05 PM
Part1. Delayed shipping
Asked if the turbo was in stock for immediate shipment and they said yes.
3 weeks after confirming my payment I email asking about my order. This is their internal email sent to me by mistake.
FPSales wrote:
Does this ring a bell with you at all? I dont remember anyhting about
this guy. We have these parts in stock, the turbo and line, gsket etc.

Let me know today.


Ambers excuse for the delay w/o any notice.
I apologize for the delay, our supplier had this turbo in stock but
because you had ordered a SS line with it I had to have it shipped to me
first before going directly to you and in that time our supplier had a
delay getting the turbo to us. I do have it here in my hands now along
with all the other parts and it will be going out to you today.
Funny, it did go out that day. The day I reminded them of my order.

Part2. Missing parts delivered
the ss line and gasket were missing, so I emailed. Heres Robert Youngs response.
Unless the package was damaged in shipping, the line and gasket were inside a UPS pad pack inside the box. The only way they could be missing would be if the box was torn open during transportation and these parts fell out. Please be sure to look carefully thru the packing material, you will find the pad pack with the oil feed line and gasket. I personally oversaw the packing of this box, it is our policy that 2 people observe and verify the contents of international shipments.
I will raise the BS flag on this one.

Part3. How they handle the situation
I email back. The box and the original seal/taping was very intact. UPS customs also comfirmed my package was not due for open inspection. I send pix of the package. I suggest sending the box even if they arrange for shipping. response for a 2weeks.

I email again saying your ignorance is aggravating. His reply
Mr Aggravating SM guy,

We will send you another line.

I say to myself yeah fine and decide to just ignore his childish remark. Shows you what kinda man this R.Young really is.

Part4. Is it over? Did I get what I paid for?
No. They sent the wrong ss-line. :chair:
To no surprise they are ignoring my emails again.

Just the facts. Decide on your own if you want to do buisness with these highly reputable the all beloved people you know as FP.