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: Turbo timer acting strange after upgrades

03-21-2008, 07:56 AM
Had this problem for a while, but just thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone has any ideas. About 3 months ago I picked up my car from the tuning shop after having the following things done to it:
New clutch & flywheel
SAFC (old school one)
UEM wideband
Electric window motor changed
Defi-D oil pressure sensor & sandwich plate (awaiting new gauge harness)
Defi-D water temp sensor, to replace current boost gauge (awaiting gauge harness)

All was fitted without any issues, but after driving out of the tuning shop, I discovered a strange problem with my Comtec Linear Full Auto 125 turbo timer. Usually, after a relaxed drive my turbo timer, when set to Auto, will give my car a 30 second or so idling period before shutting off. However, now as soon as I've driven about 500m my turbo timer is giving me 5 minutes of idling time. At the end of my drive home (about 10 miles and 20 minutes or so) it was saying I had to idle for 6 and a half minutes. When I set the timer to manual it will count down and shut off as normal.

I called the shop and told them, and they said they haven't touched anything to do with the turbo timer. Any ideas what the problem could be and how I can resolve it, as the timer worked great before when set on Auto?

Thanks in advance