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: Chicago DSM-MMC April 17th

04-05-2010, 03:06 PM
Start Time: Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 7:00pm

Location: Schaumburg - Forest Park

Well first off I want to apologize for what happened with the last meet. I was unaware that the Starbucks we were supposed to start at was closed for remodeling and if we would have been at the street for more than 5min we would have been booted before everyone arrived. Also it was calling for rain so I figured I would cancel it and move it back a couple weeks.

With that being said, we're gunna try this again lol. This time we are going to be starting at Frankly Yours on Irving Park Rd in Schaumburg (because I know they're not going to be closing up any time soon) and going to the Portillos on Roosevelt and Des Plains in Forest Park, there's a massive lot at the Portillos, the cops are pretty chill, and the whole lot is well lit.

Frankly Yours -,+illinois,+frankly+yours&hl=en&cd=1&cad=src:pplink&ei=I_-5S8ugKYrqNfzzsbwI

If its raining, don't show up lol.