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: Rebuild turbo or new turbo?

05-10-2011, 10:18 PM
I was running a pte6262sp. It recently died on me (shaft play and smoke).

Im tossing around rebuilding it or buying a T67 here locally, Here are specs on both.

journal bearing
T3 .82 a/r housing
Stage 3 turbine wheel (t31 i think.)
rated around 670 hp

Ball bearing
T4 .81 a/r housing
P trim wheel
rated around 750 hp

Im running a 2.0 auto fully built with 272's and some bottle if need be. Around 35 psi of boost.

I can buy the t67 for $350 or rebuild my 6262 for about the same. Will there be big enough gains going to the t67 or just stay with the slightly faster spooling 6262?

When do you guys see full boost on a T67 on a 2.0?

Thanks guys,