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: Non-Turbo eclipse, how to make it fast for cheap

10-27-2001, 10:12 AM
hi, i have a 94 eclipse base model and i have like 0 pickup, and i would like to add some more horse and torque within putting a huge dent in my pocket, can anyone make any suggestions?

10-27-2001, 09:46 PM
If you have a 1.8 L, you can buy an intake. I don't know who makes them, but I know you can make your own. But if you have a 2.0 L, you can do the basic mods. I am on a budget, so I have all the "cheapo" stuff (man made intake, pacesetter headers, thermal muffler). I know guys say bad stuff about cheap brands, but I plan on turbo charging my motor. I made my intake with stuff from Home Depot. Oh yeah, just to let you know, the biggest difference I felt (or you can call it the biggest bang for the buck) was the air filter and intake mod.

10-27-2001, 09:50 PM
First buy a K&N air filter, and modify your airbox to let in more air, then get an aftermaket exhaust system, that will get things flowing better. Then upgrade your plugs and wires. Search around for some 1g tuning websites. for my 2g I constantly find my self getting idea's from

10-27-2001, 10:13 PM
i have a 95 non turbo talon esi and i have an exaust and intake. now i dont know were to go from there. i cant afford to just go all out, so i need some ideas too.

10-31-2001, 10:30 AM
power pulleys are one of the most cost effective mod u can do.. they are a pain to install.. but if u want real power do some internal work.. a port and polish isnt all that much..

hey man why plus and wires???? ur not creating the need for more spark from a intake and exhuast.. stock wires would be fine... they dont do nothing..

10-31-2001, 12:03 PM
well, on the contrary i've heard that underdrive pullys are a bad idea for a daily driver, they make your pumps run a little slowerer, and down here in texas, i know lots of people who have overheated in the summer heat, because there water pump couldnt pump fast enough, they would be find in a drag car, bug a daily driver would be risky.

I did plugs and wires next in my car, I really didn't expect and power gains, but i knew it would set the stage for future mods. But in fact, my car pulls a little harder now, Go figure

10-31-2001, 12:16 PM
also I believe, double check on this, the stock crank pulley is 2 pieces, with a shock absorbent rubber layer in the middle. This protects the belt and crankshaft from sudden jolts or something from either end, and underdrive ones dont, which isnt typically cool. And they do spin stuff slower. If you want more power and pull, lower your rotating weight. Lighter pistons, different compression ratio, lighter flywheel and or cam sprockets, pulleys, etc. Typically upgrading the plugs on a non-turbo with stock internals isnt going to do too much, but you may see some better results. There are mixed reviews on the platinum 4 prong plugs, for turbosI've heard many bad things, for NA's I've heard a 50/50. If you're gonna do anything, go with NGK plugs.
K&N, better intake "ram air" by sacrificing the resonator down there in the passenger fenderwall onfront of the tire and some home depot hose (cheap and it works) and ditch the silencer in the intake, check, that'll help a tiny bit.
Lighter wheels if you can, even if you're on steel ones, get cheap alloys. But less weight is good. Clean the throttle body, check the valve to make sure it opens 100%. That's on vfaq too.
Exhaust, but dont get anything ridiculous. You dont need much, a 2.5" mandrel bent willbe more then plenty. Any more dosent get you much for how much you'll pay for it.
Headers? Why not. Port the intake manifold whilst you're at it, and that throttle body elbow too. Round off the edges.
If you want, a small 50shot of nitrous can give you some oomph, butthat'll strain your motor, so you'll want to have it in good condition before you think about it.
That should be a nice hefty start. If you want, you can get an A/F gauge, EGT Gauge, and a S-AFC and try to tune/lean the mixture a little, but you wont see toooo much for how much you put into it.


You can always get a turbo :)