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: Help a fellow A/T DSMer whos thinking of turning to the darkside...

09-02-2002, 03:33 AM
Alright guys, I need some serious motivation here to keep from going to the darkside (CRX with a b18c5 swap then turboed). As it's listed in my profile and my "car" thing on the info to the left of this post, I have a 95 GS A/T with 20k miles on the motor and 95k on the body of the car. Car is in perfect condition washed every other day, waxed at least once a week if not more. Interior is flawless (except the mirror fell down today bass + heat/humidity = bad for adhesive) with weight reduction (i.e. removed seats spare etc). Now after all that you're probably wondering why I would consider going to the darkside. Well 1. it's ATX even though I know I can make ATX work much much better but I always have trouble finding the translab kit etc. 2. even if I do upgrade the ATX, I'm still not sure of the best/quickest way to use it and race with it, all I know is brake torqueing but I know theres more than that I'm missing. 3. It's a 420a motor meaning my turbo options are limited basically to HRC Stage 2 or if I somehow get the cash up and get a custom t3/t4 hybrid. Thus the most cost effective method for me seems to sell my car for 6k or so, buy an old Civic Hatch or CRX and drop a b18c5 motor into it and one day turbo it. Unless there is anyone on this board who can convince me otherwise, I was flamed enough for being a NT on these boards, and now that it's out I'm auto I'm sure the flaming will get much worse. If anyone can please help me with my dilemma I would appreciate it very much

p.s. sorry for long post

09-02-2002, 06:41 AM
Just save up the money and go for the Hahn Stage 2 Kit. Read about it on some theads on the NT Forum; the guys who have bought it are really satisfied with it. Think about it: you sell the car and you get the Honada CRX, then you spend a lot of money on the B18C swap and some more on the turbo swap. You'll spend more money on the Honda stuff than you will on the RS turbo swap.

09-02-2002, 07:16 AM
or save the money you'd spend on both of those and just buy a GST/X or TSi..... I know of of a 95 outta Houston for sale... bit outta the way for you though... :/

09-02-2002, 01:19 PM
I did find a GSX for sale, its a 95 with a 97 front bumper 3" exhaust, big brakes all around, new intercooler and piping and a few other things. It's being sold by a guy who works at Altered Atmosphere. His crew rolled into where I work here in Ocean City to play some mini-golf and I got talkin to him. He said he would sell it to me for 9500. Sadly though theres no way I can get that money in the time for him to remember me or the deal we made. The CRX would work out because I'd have a few grand to drop into it right away. I really don't want to get rid of my car but it's and auto and really slow and lacks the potential of a GSX or GS-T. Theres a local kid with a HRC Stage 2 who only runs a 15.1 with it, but hes only running at 6psi which is stupid IMO but then again maybe there's a reason for it. Also it's nearly impossible to find a GS-T let alone a GSX around here. Even though the place I live is a resort town the surrounding area all the way to like Baltimore is farmers country. So I doubt too many of them would have a nice GSX for sale. I'm trying to find one at a dealer so I can finance the extra money. I really want to keep my car but I've explored nearly every option, I've already put nearly 2k worth of work and mods etc into it and still get beat by manual Civic EX's. Without intake... then again the only time that has happened was when I raced one from a roll and he got the jump on me, I started pulling hard but slowed down because we were going into a cop frequented section of the highway, so of course he thinks he won and hits the Hazards :mad: .

Quick Synopsis:
1. Can't find a GS-T or GSX within like 300 miles of here except for Altered Atmosphere
2. Put a lot of money into my car already and still get beat
3. Don't want to sell car because of all the time and effort I have put into it but want something with more potential.
4. Local kid only runs 15.1 on the HRC Stage 2 Kit

I'm guessing I could go for the HRC Stage 2 which from what I've read you can hit a 13.5 on an auto which I guess would work for me, until I can get the money for a t3/t4 hybrid setup which I know has been done. I guess I just gotta stick with what I have, after serious looking into the CRX swap it's so confusing which engine is best to swap, so I think I'm gonna stay away from that route. I just don't want to be the slowest around here, out of all the nice hooked up cars I saw this summer maybe 3 of them were turbo (except the like 20 different Supra TT's I've seen this summer) all my friends cars are faster then me it just sucks because out of all the people I know with nice imports, I'm the slowest. Alright I've decided I think. I'll keep mine work on upgrading the tranny, save for turbo, then I'll be the fastest until my friend slaps a supercharger into his Solara, at which point I'll just have to figure something else out. Thanks for the help guys and if anyone else has suggestions feel free to share. Sorry for the long post and Peace

09-02-2002, 02:24 PM
Drop me an email.... here ( I usually come across some nice cars for decent prices (military folks always going overseas and having to sell) I'll drop your email in my addy book, and if I come across one, drop you a line... shipping a car aint that expensive.... if you really want one... ;) Personally I wouldnt dump more money into a car you arent happy with... I'd save it and put it towards a downpayment or something for the car you do like ;)

09-04-2002, 11:01 AM
Yeah, personally I think dumping more cash into a 420a with an a/t is just a waste of time. However, there ARE better solutions than just jumping into a CRX. Look into 1G DSMs, first of all. They're all over the place, for significantly less than 2Gs. Or look into my personal favorite, the Volkswagen corrado G60. You can find them for around 5 grand, and they come with a bad ass supercharged engine (or if you're lucky the vr6). They're fun to drive, very exclusive, and are super sleepers. Ricers have no idea what they even are until its too late. If you don't like VW or 1G dsm's, maybe honda is the route for you, but I would explore other options before joining the masses.

09-04-2002, 12:03 PM
Yea, I have definitely looked into 1g. I love the look of the 1g GSX and TSi. Only problem is I have honestly never seen one for sale around here (believe me I've looked) our market is mostly Minivans (for the soccer moms), bigass trucks (rednecks) and Oversized and pointless SUVS (for families) leaving nothing useful for sale around here. I was LUCKY to find my GS, took me a month just to find that (meanwhile I was driving around my grandfathers bimmer :) ) So it's not as easy as looking in the paper and picking one out. Also I just spent 400 bucks on a head unit (a week ago), and 600 bucks on an amp (about a month ago). I've mostly stripped the interior now etc. The car isn't exactly in good selling condition. I don't have the center "Eclipse" piece because I have carbon tails on it (yea I know what your thinking so don't say it) and sold the stock center piece to a friend of mine for his GST (it runs mid 12's btw) since hes getting it repainted and also painting over the center piece but someone broke his. So the car basically can't be sold without me finding another head unit for it (gave my old one to my mom since she needed a better one). So basically just to sell the car I would be losing money. I guess it's my fault for putting myself into this situation and that I should have done more research before I bought a N/T. Although I did look into the GST and from the quote I got I wouldn't be able to afford the insurance on it especially when going to school full time. So I guess I'm stuck unless someones got another idea :( I'm really not looking for some 11 or 12 second beast. I'm only gonna have this car for a couple more years (if I don't sell it) until I get my new car after college, I just want something that looks nice, handles well, and can hand ricers their asses without even thinking, oh yea a little bit of drifting would be nice too :)