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: Shifting problem!

90 EagleClaw
10-20-2002, 04:41 PM
My girfriend has a 91 Tsi AWD Auto and it has developed a shifting problem out of the blue a few days ago. Today I changed the fluid (which looked good to begin with), and it did nothing. The problem is this: when first driving the car it does not want to shift out of first, I took it up to 7000 rpm at part throttle before letting off and it still wont shift. It will shift sometimes, if you take it up to about 5-6K and feather the throttle in and out then it will shift but hard, and not everytime you do it. But then, after driving it for a while it will stay in 3rd. It will be in 3rd from a stop and gets stuck at around 3000 rpm until you are going over 50mph, and at this point the O/D will not work either. BUT, I pulled over and shut the car off until the ECU reset a few times, each time I did this it would be back to getting stuck in first. Any ideas what this could be??? It doesn't seem like a mechanical problem, but there is no check engine light either. It shifted perfectly before this, and the car is bone stock except for a K&N. Thanks for any help.