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: Base Tube?!

10-12-2000, 12:27 AM
Okay I guess for now I am looking for a little better bass then I already have, In my opinion the cheap 6 speaker system produces decent high and mids. So anyways, I was looking around online, namely ubid, and noticed that you could pick up the bazzoka bass tube things for fairly cheap (easily under 100).

Whats the deal with these things? amp builtin? what about the crossover? And of course finally how does it sound. Anyone with any info would help out a great deal. Thanks

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10-12-2000, 06:28 PM
Bass tubes can arrive in a variety of flavors.
Amplified or not. The amplified versions almost always have a built in crossover.
From what I have heard, they may be somewhat loud for a given subwoofer size, but sound quality is not very good.
If you're looking to save money and arent really an audiophile they might work out just fine.

10-12-2000, 09:16 PM
I just picked up a Jensen bass tube for about $70. I have a Kenwood cd system, 6 speakers, 45wx4. I just wanted a little more bass also. The tube I got just hooks up off of the back speakers. Now, I'm not into heart stopping bass and this tube added just what I wanted. A little more bass sound on certain songs. It works. Someday I will get a real amp...

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