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: rre 1g fmic(spearco)

02-21-2001, 06:56 PM
Put this on a 1g with just the hacked maf. Took me about 2-3 hours to install. You definetly need a either a torch or a lot of jigsaw blades to cut part of the bumper off. All in all it wasnt too bad. Went off the pics
Now for the performance part.. all i can say is wow! Even though my car is fairly stock except for the feul pump and hacked maf. So far the fmic made the biggest difference in performance gains. The turbo(stock) goes into boost like right now!-at about 2.5-3k. Seems to boost a bit higher(still running the stock boost controller)13-14psi.Redline is very easy to get to now. The exhaust seems to have a "meaner" sound to it(stock also). I have my 2g ported mani. , big 16g , 3in. turbo back/w o2 eliminator going on the car soon as well.
Sorry no time slips!

02-21-2001, 11:48 PM
is thsi the one they sell for $800.00 - does it come with all the piping, clamps and stuff. do you need anything else to install it ????


02-22-2001, 03:23 AM
I've had the RRE 1G FMIC kit on my car since last August. The kit includes a Spearco core, Griffin endtanks and "some" piping. The upper piping only goes to the stock UIP where it passes through the sheet metal into the engine compartment. Great time to upgrade UIP (Brode UIP here. Cheap andvery reliable). The lower piping doesn't go all the way to the outlet comp. pipe on the turbo either. Better replace that too!! lol
As for hardware, everything was included to mount and install. Hoses, clamps, nuts and bolts were all included. Top included bracket to mount to hood latch. Bottom is supported by two metal "straps" that bolt onto bottom of endtank and existing hole under bumper.

Performance-wise, I wish I could tell you all the difference it made. But....at the time of installation, I didn't know JACK SHIT about DSM's. I just knew my IC was corroded to hell and I needed a new one. Just got into the DSM part of my life. I've heard nothing but good things about the flow rates, and psi drop (or lack of) of this FMIC>

As for the looks.....that's a WHOLE different ballgame. I'm not totally certain about the GSX or the Talon, but on my Laser (with shorter front bumper, no chin spoiler) the endtank WILL stick down considerably!!! You have 2 options. Mount the core parallel with ground, and one side of the endtank will stick down MUCH further than the other, about 3". Other option is to mount the core at a slight angle, and have the bottom of the endtank parallel to ground. I chose this route.

Be careful if you have lowered your car. I have stock rims/tires/suspension, and the first day I took the car out, I bottomed it out on the driveway and ripped one of the bolts RIGHT OUT OF THE ALUMINUM ENDTANK!!!!! Talk about not fun. Bent the support strap all to hell, lost the bolt. Had to run to hardware store and try to find another one.
The very next day, bottomed out again!!!! This time I lost the OTHER BOLT!! SHIT!!! Had both of em in for about 6 mos. when last week, i bottomed out and lost another bolt!!

So, the core is kinda ugly if you ask me. Nothing like the Buschur FMIC ($1300). The Buschur unit looks nice, but I believe it's side-to-side while the RRE FMIC is top-to-bottom.

Install wasn't THAT hard. Although it took my father and I about 7 hours since we both didn't have a clue as to what we were doing. And it didtn' help that we broke almost every bolt holding the bottom of the bumper on. Damn salt and rust!!

But it's still the cheapest 1G FMIC out there.


02-22-2001, 04:23 PM
Yeah it is the 800.00 one everything you need comes with the kit.
Hey NOSLO2PT0 man you must have some very steep upslopes where you live!! I have eibachs on my car and the bottom of the tank does hang below the bumper @ 1in. but i dont have any problems with bottoming out(so far)

02-22-2001, 05:08 PM
Actually the apt. complex where I live is the culprit. The area where the curb and street meet was missing some concrete so there was a nice big hole at the entrance of my driveway. I would literally have to creep over it, on the brakes, to avoid bottoming out. Late last fall, they finally patched it up, and since then, I've had no problems. But I still ahve to watch out for steep inclines when going in and out of driveways, entrances, etc.


04-22-2001, 12:17 PM
any suggestions on the spearco 18x6x3.5"($575) vs. griffen 18x6x2.8"($475) vs. griffen 24x6x2.75" ($520) top to bottom cores and tanks???

I can't decide, and its killing me since the 24" griffen is only $520

ps- used on a 16G, but who knows I could go to a 20G or so later down the road!