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: So close, yet so far ...

09-30-2000, 09:25 PM
Another disappointing day for me. I've been knocking on the 11s door for some time now. Today was none the better. My only good pass netted me a 1.69 60 foot, and my IC popped off just as I got into fourth, leaving me with a 12.025@107mph. My struggle to get into the 11s is starting to make me go gray :(

Anyway, the day was spent at the Battle of the Imports at Route 66 (Joliet, IL). Got to see Brent Rau go 9.23@149mph and also got to see Sean Glazer in his Talon ... yes Talon. His dad told me that they decided to end the season in the Talon. They had some form of driveine failure and were busy trying to get the car repaired for the afternoon's qualifying.

Anyway, I'm hoping to go a little quicker tomorrow ...

1991 Eagle
1991 GVR4

10-01-2000, 01:14 AM
It the 12.0 run with your Talon or Galant ? and what parts are on your car ?

10-01-2000, 07:48 PM
My Eagle has a lot of mods done to it, way too much to list. Some of the more important mods are: 20G, Buschur FMIC, external wg, SX fuel lines/pump/reg, etc. You get the picture ...

1991 Eagle
1991 GVR4

10-17-2000, 12:28 PM
I'm still faster LOL :D well, someday maybe... at least I'm on the right track so far :) your I/C looks killer on my car Thanx SAfrican !

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2G Ported ExhaustManifold
2G Ported o2, 2.5 Greddy DP, 2.5 Test / High Flow, 2.5 Greddy Catback
HKS FMIC (not installed yet)
Greddy ProffecA, Greddy Timer, Custom A/F Gauge,
H&R Springs, KYB AGX
Walbro 225l High Press

10-17-2000, 04:22 PM
TurboMitsu, your car looks killer just the way it is ... when are you putting out a pic for all to see?????

PS: Ask Adam about the donuts he was doing in some guys yard on Sunday :)

1991 Eagle
1991 GVR4