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: Need advice from the 1.8L guru's

05-08-2003, 07:27 AM
These are the mods I'm looking to do to my car.

UR underdrive pulley = I've already got this and will install it soon.

The following are things that I am questioning myself on.

performance intake = Well, I don't have a problem getting this but I keep hearing that if I get this then I need a performance exaust. i.e. catback exaust and that I should add a hi-flow cat.

I'm not looking for top end speed. I want better off the line acceleration. So wouldn't I want to keep the back preassure that my small exaust allows me. The intake would just build on that back preassure wouldn't it? Or am I wrong on this idea?

Ignition Stacker = In itself it's not going to do much without mods. As was explained to me by MSD, the more mods I have, the more power I get. A stock motor won't garnish much if any HP gains.

performance wires = Only if I get the Ignition stacker. Otherwise, do I really need them?

lowering kit = I feel more like everyone wants me to get it because of the wheel gap. But I do realise that a stiffer suspension will allow for quicker off the line acceleration. So this may happen either way.

The bottom line is, that I only want mods that will improve my off the line acceleration. I'm more concerned with torque then maximum hp. Any advice would be greatly apreciated?

05-08-2003, 12:12 PM
An intake will get you a few HP even with no exhaust mods. But not much. It'll get you more noise than anything else, since even after the air bypasses the filter and the intake tube, it immediately runs into another restriction at the throttle body and then the small intake manifold ports. A cold-air intake (one that actually draws air from outside the compartment) will let you pick up a few more ponies by getting lower temperature air into the engine.

The ignition mods will not get you power increases until you go to forced induction or increased static compression ratio. In fact, in actuality, they don't really increase power at all. They're like fuel mods. They're supporting modifications, and are normally done only when the stock system can't keep up with the demands created by other mods.

A 2.5" cat-back exhaust system will get you some noticable power without sacraficing much low-end response. But in my opinion, the biggest off-the line acceleration improvement you can get for the price is still an aluminum flywheel, lighter wheels, and reduced rotating mass elsewhere in the drivetrain. You won't get much in the way of peak horsepower gains, but reducing the moment of inertia will give you more power in the low end. The best way to make torque is still increasing the effective compression ratio either with high compression slugs or forced induction. ;)

05-08-2003, 12:24 PM
Well I really don't want to rip the engine apart so I'm limiting myself a little. :o The cold air intake, is their any specific manufacture you recomend or is that something I have to build myself.

I was kind of scetchy on the ignition thing. :P

So then I want a 2.5" cat-back then. Should I get a hi-flow cat to go with it?

I've decide to stay with my 14" rims since going with bigger rims would just add weight.

Thanks! :)

05-08-2003, 01:13 PM
I can't recommend any off-hand for 1Gs. But repositioning your mas somewhere in the fender will get you cooler air. The closer you get it to an outside air opening, the cooler the air will be. Most people I've seen use the intercooler opening and run thier intake out to the brake duct. Kinda scary for puddles if you run it that low though. But anywhere in the fender well will get you cooler air. For every 10 degrees you go down in temperature, expect 1-2HP. If I were you, I'd run a nitrile hose elbow and a brode upper IC pipe (without the BOV flange) to get from the throttle body to the fender opening. After that, PVC is safe.

A high-flow cat will get you more top end, but you'll lose a lot of the scavenging properties of pushing through smaller pipe, which will cost you low end torque.

Believe it or not, a good set of aftermarket wheels can actually be lighter. Centerline RPMs only weigh like 14 lbs for 17s... and then you have less rubber weight because you have a lower profile tire. Not cheap though. Just picked up a set of 16lb 17" SSR GT1s. Tires will be in next week. 2200 bones. Worth the style points though.

05-08-2003, 01:23 PM
Your advice is noted and I'll keep you posted on the mods. :)

So my list will look more like this:

2.5" Catback exaust

Cold Air intake

lowering springs (I'm not going any lower then 1" - 1.5" because of where I live. VT roads can reak havoc on a car.)

I just bought a set of GoodYear Eagles for my car (195 60 R14) so I won't be doing any rim purchases anytime soon. :o They have improved my handling quite a bit from the cheap ass tires I used to have.

05-08-2003, 01:26 PM
195/60R14s? So that's why you have such a huge gap... You've eliminated almost a whole inch of tire... hehehe

05-08-2003, 01:45 PM
Yeah, that's why! :P I wanted a wider, grippier tire on my rims and the only way I could do it was to go to a 60 series without having a huge tire on my rims. :o

05-08-2003, 07:52 PM
SSR GT1's :cool: My stock tires appear to give more wheel gap than my friends Tsi. Stock wheels are heavy, I'd definatly go with aftermarket wheels. (I still have stock wheels :()

05-09-2003, 05:31 AM
Originally posted by EclipseFX51
SSR GT1's :cool: My stock tires appear to give more wheel gap than my friends Tsi. Stock wheels are heavy, I'd definatly go with aftermarket wheels. (I still have stock wheels :()

Guys, I do have aftermarket rims. Look at my sig pic. Those aren't mitsu rims. When I first bought the car I wanted to get some rims to replace the crappy looking steel wheels. I just got 14" aftermarket rims at the time. Quite a bit lighter then those stock steel wheels. For the past few months I have been looing at going to 16" rims but decided, after I bought my new tires, that I would stick with my 14's for a bit longer.