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: big brake kits?..anyones opinions?..

07-02-2003, 06:35 PM
alright the brakes are wearing out(the pads,lol) but i figured while i have some extra loot why not upgrade to a oversized rotor kit with upgraded piston calipers..

any suggestions? bang for the buck?..and no i dont want to just swap out for the mid ninties calipers and go with big rotors..i was thinking along the lines of stoptech,ssbc,brembo,baer or wilwood..i want to spend around 600-700 for the kit but if i have to spend more then thats ok..any ideas?..

and is anyone running the aem kit?..thanx for the insight

07-03-2003, 04:14 PM
I have the mid 90's brakes upgrade (off of a NT 3000 GT) and I think that they're great. Cheap, and work just fine. My brakes don't fade anymore (at least as easily :) ) and they stop much better.

You did say though that you're looking for aftermarket, but I don't have any experience w/any of the aftermarket brakes. I've heard good things about baer, but I couldn't give you any sources.

07-03-2003, 05:06 PM
The best ones out there are the TCE kits.

I think StopTech makes a nice kit too, but its x2+ more....

07-04-2003, 12:13 AM
The best bang for the buck are the baer brakes 13inch drilled slotted rotors, lines, pads, dual piston calipers. All taht for 800 bucks and man do they stop i love my brakes and for the price u cant beat, not to mention the compliments i get all the time.

AWD Terror
07-04-2003, 10:06 AM
I would second the recommendation to look at TCE's Wilwood line of products - Todd has a lot of experience in this department. :scholar: :)

I've looked at the Brembos, but they only make a front kit for 2G's (and it's pretty expensive of course). Another name you can add to the list is AP Racing - their kit is available at and costs slightly less than the Brembo's.

RRE sells the AEM kit which is for fronts only - looks good but I'm not sure it's got that much additional stopping power for the price? :dunno:

I'm not sure who sells the Baer kit but I have heard good things about it and it does seem to be very competitively priced. :)

07-16-2003, 11:25 PM
Great dollar per performance are powerslot rotors w/ hawk pads. Combined you will gain a braking power of 15%. OEM sized, and slotted so they wont crack. Hope this helps, Andy

07-30-2003, 10:40 PM
I wouldn't spend $800 for 2 piston sliding calipers. For a little more i'd just get a kit from TCE. I went the cheasy route with the AEM rotors all around, and now wished that I had just did it right the first time.