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: Found a new site for clothes!

07-14-2003, 04:50 PM
Hey what up everyone, after surfing the web this morning I found a site that has quite a bit of cloth apparel for us. Prices are good and tracking numbers are given within a day. Some of the prices are as follows:

ass-less chaps $60 each
wips and handcuffs (for those interested in kinky stuff) $10 each
plastic dolls for bachelor parties $20 each
Spanky the spank-o-matic (for the ultra kinky) $100*

*Prices vary per hour/session.

I have already ordered a set of dolls, an hour with Spanky and a set of whips. I will let you guys know when they come in.

Check it out at its kinda cool to shop at another place instead of ass-less and every once in a while.