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2g Non-Turbo Timing belt replacement

i found this really nice webpage with step-by-step procedure how to replace timing belt so i thought i should share im gonna use this procdure over the weekend to replace mine. If anything necesarry needs to be added please do =) Thank you. (Mods please move this to the right section if i posted in the wrong one)
2G NT Timing Belt VFAQ
This Shop Manual procedure is for the home mechanic only. HOWEVER, if you are having a shop do your work, and think they could use this, feel free to print it for them.
Camshaft Timing/Balance Belt
Service Procedure


1995 - 1996 Eclipse/Talon
NOTE: THIS PAGE APPLIES TO VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH THE 2.OL DOHC NON-TURBO ENGINE ONLY (TURBO engine is Mitsubishi, not Chrysler, and is covered in a separate VFAQ).

The purpose of this bulletin is to emphasize the importance of performing the timing belt replacement and camshaft timing in the proper sequence to assure complete and satisfactory service. If you have done an NT timing belt replacement, and have info to add to this VFAQ, please Email me.

If your engine has high mileage, it is a GOOD idea to replace the waterpump, timing belt tensioner, tensioner pulley, and idler pulley while doing the belts.

CAUTION: Camshafts or crankshaft should not be rotated after the timing belt has been removed, or the valves may be damaged. Always align timing marks before removing the timing belt.


Camshaft Timing Belt Removal:

It may be convenient to raise the vehicle to a level where work can be performed through the wheel well and over the top of the fender.

1. Remove crankshaft damper bolt.
2. Remove damper using special tool MB995055 and insert MB995057 or equivalent (Figure 1).

Figure 1
3. Remove engine mount bracket (Figure 2).

Figure 2
4. Remove front half of timing belt cover (Figure 3).

Figure 3
5. Align timing marks (Figures 4 & 5).

Figure 4

Figure 5
6. Loosen timing belt tensioner screws and remove timing belt, tensioner pulley, timing belt tensioner, tensioner arm bracket, and idler pulley, in that order (Figure 6).

Figure 6
7. When the tensioner is removed from the engine, it is necessary to compress the plunger into the tensioner body.
8. Place the tensioner into a vise and slowly compress the plunger (Figure 7). Caution: Index the tensioner in the vise the same way it is installed on the engine to ensure proper pin orientation when the tensioner is installed back on the engine.
9. When plunger is compressed into the tensioner body, install a pin through the body and plunger to retain plunger in place until the tensioner is installed.

Figure 7
10. Hold camshaft sprocket with special tool MB990767 and MD998719 while removing bolt (you can also probably wedge a crowbar through one of the sprocket holes onto the head, and hold the sprocket still that way, but don't quote me on that) (Figure 8).

Figure 8
11. Remove rear timing belt cover fasteners, and remove cover (Figure 9).

Figure 9
12. Remove camshaft seal (Figure 10).

13. Timing Belt Installation: Install camshaft seal into cylinder head using special tool MD998713 until flush with the head (Figure 11). Note: Shaft seal lip surface must be free of varnish, dirt, or nicks. Polish with 400grit sandpaper if necessary.

Figure 11
14. Install rear timing belt cover, tighten fasteners to 9.6 Nm (6.9 ft-lbs) (Figure 12).

Figure 12
15. Install support bracket
16. Install camshaft sprockets and tighten attaching bolts to 101 Nm (73 ft-lbs) (Figure 13).

Figure 13
17. Install idler pulley, tensioner arm bracket, timing belt tensioner, and tensioner pulley, in that order.
18. Set crankshaft sprocket to TDC by aligning the sprocket with the arrow on the oil pump housing (Figure 14).

Figure 14
19. Set camshaft timing marks together by aligning notches on sprockets (Figure 15). Move crankshaft to 1/2 notch before TDC.

Figure 15
20. Install timing belt (Figure 16). Starting at the crankshaft, go around the water pump sprocket, idler pulley camshaft sprockets, and then around the tensioner pulley. Move the crankshaft sprocket to TDC to take up belt slack. Install tensioner to block, but do not tighten bolts yet.

Figure 16
21. Using a torque wrench on the tensioner pulley, apply 28 Nm (20 ft-lbs) of torque to the tensioner (Figure 17).

Figure 17
22. With torque being applied to the tensioner pulley, move the tensioner up against the tensioner pulley bracket and tighten fasteners to 31 Nm (22 ft-lbs).
23. Pull tensioner plunger pin. Pre-tension is correct when pin can be removed and installed.
24. Rotate crankshaft 2 revolutions and check the alignment of the timing marks.
25. Install front timing belt cover (Figure 18).

Figure 18
26. Valve timing check (timing belt cover installed): Remove the inspection cover on the timing belt cover. With the #1 cylinder at TDC, the timing marks on the camshaft sprockets should be aligned together (Figure 19). If marks are not aligned, remove the timing belt and reinstall.

Figure 19
27. Install engine mount bracket, tighten bolts to 41 Nm (30 ft-lbs) (Figure 20).

Figure 20

28. Install crankshaft damper using MB995035 (Figure 21). Using special tools MB990767 and MD998719 to hold damper, tighten crankshaft bolt to 62 Nm (45 ft-lbs)

Figure 21

POLICY: Information Only.

* Engine pics by:
* Text by:
o Tom Stangl
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