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DSMtalk News and Announcements

This section contains site related news as well as news involving the DSM platform. (Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser, etc)
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DSMtalk Polls

Current and past polls. Cast your vote!
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New User Reading Area This area contains information that all new users should at least glance at prior to posting anywhere else on the forum. 90% of your questions can be answered with information contained in these two sections.

New Member Introductions

New to the forum? Please take a minute and introduce yourself to the community!
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Newbie Questions Forum

For beginners' questions only! If you're too lazy to search, that is.
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We've Seen These Before

New DSMtalkers - Please check here first!If you do not find your answer here, also try the Search button (upper right).
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DSM Tech Central

Tech Articles

This is where current and past Main Page "Items" reside.
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Audio Tech

Audio and in-car entertainment only.
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Electronics Tech

Anything electrical including alarms, turbo timers, lighting and other non-audio topics.
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Body Tech and Appearance

Spoilers, bumper swaps, body kits, washing, waxing. Touchy-feely disclaimer: everyone has different tastes; please be respectful of one another.
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Suspension and Handling Tech

Suspension set-ups, wheels, tires, brakes, etc.
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Transmission Tech

Sub-forums: Manual Transimssion, Automatic Transmission
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Non Turbo Tech

Only for discussion of things that are unique to Non-Turbo DSMs. Sub-forums: All Things 1.8, 4G64 Tech
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Help! Tech

Post trouble shooting requests when you need help RIGHT NOW - a.k.a. the "D'oh! Something's Broken!" Forum.
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General DSM Tech and Tuning

Before posting here, make sure your post isn't more appropriate for one of the other forums. Keep your questions and comments specific. Tuning threads are encouraged. S
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Advanced DSM Technical Discussion

Forum closed, but searchable.
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Parts/Vendor Discussion Area

Parts Talk

For parts and tools discussion. IE: "Has anybody installed the venom intake manifold on the 2g N/T?", "Is the walbro 255 fuel pump any good?", etc.
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Parts Reviews Only

FOR IN-DEPTH PARTS REVIEWS ONLY. Read the announcement inside this forum before posting.
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Vendor Review

Done business with a vendor? Post your thoughts and reviews here.
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Buy & sell DSM ONLY parts and cars here. Minimum 90-day membership & 50 posts for access. Sub-forums: Parts Buy/Sell, Cars Buy/Sell, Member Services
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DSM Racing & Kill Story Discussion


Drag Racing, Road Racing, Auto-X & Rally. Discuss your technique and experiences.
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Kill Stories

Killed a Corvette? Mauled an M3? Tell your story. (Note: DSMtalk.com does not condone reckless or excessively high speed driving on public streets.)
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Other Stuff Forums and topics that dont really fit into the other sections.

Site News & Feedback

Visit our site news and feedback section for information regarding the website, and to give your ideas and suggestions on how to improve it
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Featured Car

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Regional Events, Get Togethers, Cruise Spots

Announce a DSM club meeting, or get together. "Anyone from *wherever*?"
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DSM Media

Post pictures and videos here. Sub-forums: DSM Pix, DSM Vids
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Build Diary

Share your build with the community! Make sure to read the stickies before posting.
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Lancer Evolution Discussion

This forum is for discussion involving the Lancer Evolution.
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Moderators' Rides

We're so important.
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DSMtalk.com Stuff

We welcome suggestions, comments and feedback regarding DSMtalk.com.
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Classifieds Buy & sell DSM ONLY parts and cars here.

Parts for Sale

Want to sell a part? Post it here.
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Parts want to buy

Looking to buy a part? Post up in here.
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Parts for Trade

Looking to Trade a part? Post up in here.
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Cars for Sale

Got a Car for sale. Post it up in here.
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Cars wanted

Looking for a car. Post in here.
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Cars for Trade

Looking to trade cars. Post in here.
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Member Services

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Vendors This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]


Need to customize or repair your Mitsubishi Eclipse? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at CARiD.com, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Supporting Vendors

Special sales, group buys, and product announcements from our Supporting Vendors.
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Need to customize or repair your Mitsubishi Eclipse? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at CARiD.com, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Vendor Deals

Special sales, group buys, and product announcements from our Supporting Vendors.
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  1. I can’t figure it out the check engine light is for says something about the EVAP Ventilation Switch Circuit Malfunction for my Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 1997 Non-Turbo Manual?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Looking for recommendations on which upgrades are a must for a 600hp build ? Some of the parts already planed are pistons and rods cams although not sure if I should go with the .274 or .280? Or what size injectors to get ? Picking up a ecm link and want to run e85 any input would be great im...
  3. Suspension and Handling Tech
    Follow this please: 1.Brand of Rim- 2.Rim size (diameter and width)- 3.Offset- 4.Brand of tire- 5.Tire size- 6.Suspension- 7.Do they rub- 8. What Brakes- 9. Camber? 10. Fender work? (Roll? Cut? Pull?)
  4. Parts want to buy
    Welded center diff is a must evo3 gear ratio . TRE JACKS SHEP with paperwork thanks
  5. Transmission Tech
    got a question my son was changing out his trans in a 2003 volkswagen jetta 1.8t 5 speed . i think he installed the clutch backwards but heres what it does when you put it in gear you can feel it go in but when you let out on the clutch it doesnt move like its in neutral and when you shut the...
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