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Old 08-13-2016, 07:00 PM   #91
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

I listed the car on Craigslist for $3,600. The list of upgrades/modifications/new parts was too long and the CL bots kept it from being posted countless times. Finally, I threw in the towel, posted pictures and a short message saying contact me for more information.

Here is the listing:

1990 Plymouth Laser RS FWD 5-speed (6-bolt 4g63, Turbocharged)

I bought this car last winter as a non-running project car. I have restored, reconditioned, rebuilt and readied this car for it's next owner. In the last few months I have installed a huge list of new parts and have receipts for 95% of it. The car is currently dialed to run 17 psi. The interior was gutted, cleaned thoroughly and reinstalled. The brakes have been gone through. The 6-bolt engine doesn't smoke or leak a drop and runs very strong. All gaskets and seals have been replaced. I'm interested in another vehicle which is my reason for selling. I've owned a few of these cars and have seen plenty sell for less, however most of them either have a plethora of issues or are completely wrung out, rusty or ill taken care of. This car is rust free, well put together and clean. All maintenance has been performed. This is a turn key car.

All modifications or parts listed below have been installed / repaired / replaced / restored / cleaned / rebuilt or updated within the last 875 miles.

2g Cylinder Head (bolt holes drilled, oil port modded, new valve stem seals, decked by Harmon's Machine Shop)
2g Cams
Lifters have been cleaned and do not tick
Balance Shafts Eliminated
6-bolt ARP head studs
560 Evo Injectors (*DIY Cleaned w/ new seals top and bottom)
New timing belt, water pump, component kit and tensioner
New accessory belts
New thermostat
New radiator cap
New fuel filter
New oxygen sensor
Fresh NGK BPR6ES spark plugs and new wires
Twin slim fans
A/C removed
Non-Cruise control throttle cable
Fuel filter style oil catch separator
Window welded engine mounts
Valve cover shaved and painted wrinkle black
EGR deleted
Upgraded and added under-hood ground cables
All timing covers and spark plug cover fully intact
New battery

Turbo Frankenstein MHI Turbo - Billet extended tip 20g-TD06SL2 (Turbo Lab)
Hallman MBC (Currently at 17 psi)

2g Intake (ported and plated to for 1990 throttle body)
FIAV delete
RRE Front mount intercooler and Pipe work
Knock off Greddy BOV (recalculated)
Spectra conical air filter
2g MAF

Polished 2g exhaust manifold cover
2g Exhaust Manifold - Ported (Turbo Lab)
Vented-to-atmosphere o2 housing
Megan Downpipe
3" stainless steel cat-back
Vibrant Street Power twin-tip muffler (silencers included)
Transmission / Shifter
2g shift knob
Aluminum shifter cable bushings
Fresh shifter lever bushings
GM Syncromesh fluid in transmission
New clutch master cylinder
Suspension / Steering / Tires
Lowered on aftermarket springs
Front and rear struts assemblies replaced
Sway bar end links
Tie rod ends
Hanhook tires
Upgraded to factory 2-piston big brakes
Front slotted rotors and Thermoquiet pads
Rear Raybestos pads and hardware
Calipers wire wheeled and painted black
All 8 brake hoses have been replaced
Fresh DOT-4 brake fluid

Antifreeze changed, radiator flushed
GM Syncromesh fluid in transmission
Fresh brake fluid
Fresh clutch fluid

Homelink garage door remote added
Center vent gauge pod
New hatch lift struts
New rear view mirror
New rear trunk floorboard
Chrysler N.O.S. keychain
Mitsubishi Eclipse hatch plastic (because of 3rd brake light now in spoiler)
Factory hatch security cover

Added factory fog Lights
Chicklet mod (Allows for headlight illumination with headlights up or down)
Independent fog lights
Extra pin added to front/center marker bulb illumination
All exterior bulbs replaced (except headlights)
Windshield replaced by Safelite
Mitsubishi Eclipse spoiler and 3rd brake light
New wiper blades
Polished and painted factory wheels
Wheel locks

Gauges / Electronics
PLX Wideband
Autometer boost gauge
Apex-i SAFC2
PocketLogger loaded with MMCD

Kenwood 600 watt amp
10" Kicker Komp subwoofer in new enclosure
Pyramid 6x9 Rear Speakers
Rockford Fostgate 5 1/4" doors

The car made 223 WHP at 12 psi at Dyno Time Speed Works. Since then I've continued to tune the car to run very well at 17 psi and it likely sits between 275-300. The 2g head/intake/cams/exhaust on the 6-bolt block with this turbo is a great combination. The interior is one of the cleanest and complete I've seen and I replaced a good number of parts inside to further bring it up to it's current condition.

The second to last owner claims to have rebuilt the short block, but I have found nothing that definitively confirms or denies it besides the fact it leaks no oil, the balance shafts were deleted (can't be done with the engine in the car in a 1g) and it runs too good. I wasn't in contact with the second-to-last owner until after I'd installed the cylinder head. When installing the head I found the pistons faces are marked 63DT which is a factory piston so I paid no great attention. Now that the head is on, I have used a bore scope and believe I see 040, suggesting that this engine has in fact been bored and rebuilt using an oversized Mitsubishi piston. I have not confirmed the connecting rods and will do so upon request or next oil change when I can put a bore scope up inside the oil pan.

Full disclosure, the car vibrates due to the solid filled engine mounts. The A/C has been removed. There are a few small burns in the interior due to the second to last owner. The paint isn't in the greatest of shape, but looks good from 10 feet. The tires, although brand new, do not fully appreciate the power this car is currently producing and like to scream equally as loud as the atmospheric dumped wastegate. Honestly, the car is a hand full if you go WOT in 1st or 2nd. However, this car does classify as an antique vehicle. Nothing 26 years old with 116,000 miles will be faultless.

I am not interested in trades, parting the car out or financing you. I do not need help selling this vehicle. I do not need to sell this vehicle as it is a spare, so low offers won't even be acknowledge. If you ask what the lowest I will take for the car is, I will respond with $100 over my listed asking price each time you ask. Negotiations on price are done in person with cash and I am willing to entertain offers in person.

The car is being sold as-is, with no warranties extended or implied. While I don't feel anything will go wrong with the car, I can't have someone come blaming me if the starter goes bad 6 months from now or they turn the boost controller up to 30 psi all willy-nilly and untuned resulting in engine damage.

Will provide additional contact info after initial email.
I had a whole slew of people either email or contact me via Facebook. Mostly they were beat necks who couldn't come up with the money, wanting me to hold the car for them without a deposit, or people who wanted me to feel sorry for them and essentially give the car away.


However, after extensive conversation over several nights, a few beers and so forth, Project Spare Parts has sold.

The new owner has read this thread extensively. I may not be surprised if he doesn't sign up for this forum and post more.

I don't like seeing my cars locally. This one will be hard to miss, but with the money I've made off what was once a $500 car, I'm happy to have another "project" within my sights.

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Old 08-14-2016, 08:24 PM   #92
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

And there she goes....

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Old 08-15-2016, 11:45 AM   #93
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

Hate to see her leave but love to watch her go. I like the red meshies. very cool.
My 97 Talon My 98 Eclipse
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Old 06-04-2017, 12:55 PM   #94
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

Spare Parts is BACK!

I'm not buying it or have any intention of owning 3 DSMs at a time, so go clean yourselves up and splash some cold water on your face.

This build came to a conclusion when I sold Spare Parts to buy my 1995 TSi. The new owner popped the radiator on it a few weeks after owning it due to the upper pipe on the end tank becoming brittle. The alternator also started to have some issues and another was shoehorned in. The guy I sold to then sold it again, but the car has stayed within a 3 mile radius of my house. The new owner actually lives in the same apartments that my Spyder project started in.

The car isn't in terribly pore shape, but some issues have developed that I am going to be fixing up for the newest owner. The front bumper has been scuffed up, the ducting for the radiator hasn't been addressed very well. I'm told the car wants to break up on the highway. Someone has also clearly turned the boost up because the tires rip off the car once the WG opens- I'd dialed it back on purpose! The pocket logger died and lost MMCD so is useless, the radio died, the valve cover has developed a small leak..... bunch of little things that won't take me too long to fix up given my history with the car.

I'm not charging the guy anything, but I am getting something out of the deal. I've got a pretty wide open time frame to get this thing back to the condition I sold it in and will be pretty happy with diving back into this old project!
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Old 06-05-2017, 09:34 PM   #95
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1998 Spyder
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

•Checked the turbo for shaft play- all good.
•Loaded the palm pilot with MMCD and got it working again.
•Moved the o2 sensor wire off the exhaust manifold heat shield to keep it from melting. Checked it's function with MMCD.
•Gave a gander at the security cover and somewhat adjusted it to not just droop back into the hatch area - I'll have to come back to this.
•Pulled the subwoofers main fuse out since there isn't currently an amp installed- bare positive wire was just floating around in the hatch.
•Played with the BISS screw a little- it was backed out quite a bit - have to come back to this.
• Removed the old Chinese radio since the internal amp died, wired in a Pioneer head unit that was tucked in the car.
• Got the overhead light operational again- not sure if this was even an issue, but the car was only being illuminated with the foot well lights.

Next I either need to take the car out and see where the boost has been cranked up to, or strip the bumper off and start addressing a few things in that department.
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Old 06-06-2017, 09:58 PM   #96
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

Good lord man. The guy did drive it right off the curb in the video, I'm not too surprised it's already changed hands.
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Old 06-14-2017, 09:41 PM   #97
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

The curb for the driveway was in serious need or repair. It had pretty well washed out. I had previously damaged the Spyder days before heading to the dyno. That car has been down for a number of years and it's only rescently (within the last 2-3 months) been repaired after countless letters to my landlord pleading to repair the gap between the driverway and road surface.

...but that's not to say the owner I sold it to wasn't entirely irresponsible. I'm finding more and more that he did not take care of the car as I'd like him to. Various interior bits has failed. The radio failed. He'd re-installed the amp fuse, then rather then pulling the fuse back out when selling the car, he taped up the hot wire in the trunk. The passenger's window has quit working.... lots of little stuff that adds up to gross degradation of a great car all due to neglectful mechanical practice.

But to top it all off, the boost controller was figuratively hammered down. I didn't watch the boost gauge on my first test drive, but I could immediately tell that the boost had been cranked up. Quite literally, I think the seller cranked the boost controller completely down in order to up the power as much as possible in order to sell the car. Once concern of the new owner was the car breaking-up up top. I wasn't able to reproduce that feeling, but I'm guessing it was boost cut due to the fact that I'd backed the controller off considerably (6-9 turns out) and was still hitting 25 psi.

I'll say this much- the car was absolutly useless at that pressure. The tires simply unloaded due to the instant hit of power from the stock framed turbo.

I've since done quite a bit of work to the car to get it stable again.

There's going to be quite a bit of overlap from this build thread and the similarly dated post in my 95 Talon's.

Part of the deal for me to get this car running properly again was that I got to pillage. Surprisingly, the newest owner didn't object.

Step 1, give me that turbo!

Step 2, here's a de-tuned (read: stock) exhaust manifold

Step 3, install a 16g and pretty it back up.

I decided to paint the heat shield since the polish work had turned to crap.

The car is now running on my 1995 TSi's 16g and it's stock, unported manifold. There is a tiny W/G leak, but nothing that's really audible through the screamer pipe while driving down the road. Boost still comes on equally as quick, but the air flow is reduced as is power. At 14 PSI from a 16g, the car is right at the point it's trying to unload the tires. It's just about perfect!

I also meet up with the owner and went with him to a pawn shop to pick out an amplifier. I briefly threw it in to see how it held up with a spare MTX woofer/box I had around. I need to get it bolted down and installed a bit better, but it does the trick to bring in the lows.

Finally, yesterday, I re-torqued the head studs and installed a new VCG and tube seals. I don't recall ever re-torquing them after heat cycling and the new owner voiced that there was some minor coolant consumption..... then again, 25+psi on a basically stock motor from a bastard 20g will have that effect.
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Old 07-02-2017, 01:41 PM   #98
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

I finished Spare Parts and returned it to it's new owner some time ago. I have the car set to a healthy 14 psi and it is running really well. I'm pretty glad it's gone once again, but don't forsee the car lasting terribly long with the newest owner- more on that later.

Clearly I'd swapped the turbo stuff around and got it running on a 16g. With that, I also intended on fixing up a few other things. The front bumper has been damaged and needed some paint work. Off it came so I could fix it along with some of the radiator ducting that had since been destroyed.

All fixed up:

I had some trouble keeping this car cool. It wanted to run around 230 on the highway. This pretty well sucked because I'd have to turn the heat on to get it to cool down. I had sealed off the air path through the front bumper/intercooler to the core support and brought the car down to ~215 or so. Eventually the radiator blew and the owner I'd sold to replaced it, but didn't do anything with the ducting he'd ripped apart.

With the bumper off, I re-sealed the new radiator's air path. Final testing netted this car running down the highway with great cooling and keeping around 186-198 on the logger.

While I had it apart, I opted to also swap the passenger's pusher fan onto the driver's side as a puller. It had taken a bit of re-wiring and finding my zip tie stash, but having both fans as pullers helped the air flow.

I'd also tossed in a MTX 10" subwoofer in the trunk. I had the new owner supply an amp, but I got the audio back up and fully operational like it was when I owned it.

This car has been neglected. I don't believe anything was done to the car besides the bare essentials necessary to continue beating the fuck out of it. Sure, the radiator went bad, and that was changed, but in the mean while, the boost controller had been burried, clearly the pocket logger had never been used, parts of the interior were broken and thrown in the back seat. I don't believe the car had ever been washed after I sold it. The wheels hadn't been as much as hosed off. I spent about 4 hours scrubbing the hell out of the car in order to bring it back.

Here's just how dirty it was.

So, i finished it up, took it for a drive and appreciated how solid of a car I'd built/rebuilt. Boost was coming on great, it was running really well and there wasn't really much more I wanted to do because I had footed the bill this whole time. I wasn't about to start throwing parts/money for parts that I hadn't broken at this car. For the time I was driving it, I was enjoying it but it was also due to return to the newest owner.

I drove the car to his apartment. Before I could even get done explaining everything I'd done for him (for free!) and had him the key, he ripped the spoiler off the hatch attempting to open it.

Fuck! I spent several days in the sun working on this thing, throwing even more blood and sweat at a car I don't own, just for some He-Man Sasquatch idiot to quite literally break the car in front of me. I decided at that moment I did not care for him any more and that I was done with the project.

The fans had been acting up and I was able to determine that it was the cooling fan switch. They had stopped working on my way to deliver the car, but temps stayed down with airflow. I had told the owner that he would have to replace the switch at some point and not to drive the car until he had.

When I then asked for a ride home, he proceeds to start the car (I'm thinking he just wants to hear how it idles). I quite literally told him that the car may overheat if he doesn't fix the fan wiring, but he insists on driving it, and fairly heavy footed too- with the rear spoiler hanging by a single bolt on the hatch.

Clearly this is a car that the new owner gives zero fucks about. I've given my hand out, done what I could and am walking away. I suspect that before the summer is over, the head gasket will let go (due to the new owner not having a clue what lies under the hood besides a boost gauge) and I may have the opportunity to buy the car back.

-The end.
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Old 07-03-2017, 12:05 AM   #99
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

I wouldn't be able to handle that. Props to you for being able to walk away.
Originally Posted by Wes393 View Post
If you do move on, just make sure it's to something equally interesting. Going from a DSM to some generic people carrier never ends well.
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Old 07-09-2017, 11:12 AM   #100
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Re: Project: "Spare Parts"

I've had such similar experiences with working on other peoples stuff, I put so much work into something thats not even mine only to watch them completely not care anything about it and destroy what I worked and worked for.
While it's true beauty is only skin deep, UGLY goes clear to the bone... BISHILVR
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