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  1. Side Picture

    Side Picture

    Side picture of the car after a wash and wax. Should really get on and clay the car and give it some touch-up paint to the hood, paint the wiper arms and put some 2G Spyder wheels on 'im.
  2. Hatch


    First removed the spare and the jack, next came the seats and the plastic speaker housing stuff, and there you have it. Put on the rear strut tower bar in September. Works quite well!
  3. Engine Bay Again

    Engine Bay Again

    Got around to cleaning the engine bay. Since September I've had the front and rear strut tower bars in. If you can manage to see it, I also made an air inductor pipe to give better flow to the air intake.
  4. my front end

    my front end

    my 94 1.8, hopefully soon to be converted to a 91 gst