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  1. Help! Tech
    I picked up the car Saturday and the car was running fine just wouldn’t move. (Auto trans). Also the car would take forever to Rev up. So I moved the TPS and the base idle screw and the car started running a little better enough to drive down the road. Well while I was driving it back home the...
  2. Newbie Questions Forum
    hi i just bought my first car is an eclipse gst and i carged it with half a tank a little bit more and i used it about 19 miles and no i only have half a quarter of gas i live in a small town and it is exaggerated What I spend on gasoline I hope can help me! good night and greetings
  3. General DSM Tech and Tuning
    hi i have a mitsubishi eclipse 1991 4g63 2L engine its a bit slow and i would like 2 upgrade the engine a bit i have looked at new high pressure fuel rails, aswell as fuel pumps. i would like to put on a turbo kit with an intercooler an oil pipes and such but i havent found the best site yet...
  4. 6-bolt o-ringed block

    jmf intake manifol, buschur coil on plug, ram horn with full-race t3/t67
  5. 4g63

  6. Engine bay 2006

    new setup FRH,hks 264/272,agp l2r,catch can
  7. the engine

    woo woo
  8. Side veiw

    here is a side veiw of her
  9. Halo Angel Eyes

    I think she looks evil as hell like that
  10. Let Ya Nuts Hang!!!

    That is right my car has balls.
  11. 4G letters on my 2G Eclipse

    This is the middle light piece on the rear of my GSX, I think it is a nice touch, and I am the first to do it, :P
  12. San Antonio Imports

    The tower of the americas in San Antonio, Texas and my 95 GSX
  13. Another pic of her

    so you can see her other side.
  14. Engine Bay

    My 95 GSX engine bay, this is where magic happens.
1-20 of 23 Results