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  1. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Notice the AMR spare in the back. I've already replaced that with an MTX Thunder 8000 in a bandpass box.
  2. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Ah, the chicklet mod. Sleepy Eyes anyone?
  3. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Hmm, I think there's a fog light missing.
  4. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Here we see the beautiful 1st gen. Talon Backside.
  5. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Notice the beautifully mismatched body panel. I'll eventually get around to putting that unpainted plastic all the way around the car.
  6. inside

  7. back

  8. dirty side

  9. dirty front

1-12 of 12 Results