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  1. shell_Station


    what can i say? it was a kodac moment.
  2. half way there.

    half way there.

    Here it is after the first coat of poly primer has been sanded and some of the worst spots hit with glazing putty. This is well after all of the major body work has been done. Just wanted to give an idea of how rough the body was. Besides the big dents in about 2/3s of the panels, every panel had
  3. 95 wheels

    95 wheels

    who cares
  4. 95 gst

    95 gst

    95 gst cf hood
  5. Side veiw

    Side veiw

    here is a side veiw of her
  6. Halo Angel Eyes

    Halo Angel Eyes

    I think she looks evil as hell like that
  7. Let Ya Nuts Hang!!!

    Let Ya Nuts Hang!!!

    That is right my car has balls.
  8. Reverse Indiglo Turbo 2G Gauges

    Reverse Indiglo Turbo 2G Gauges

    kinda self-explanitory
  9. 4G letters on my 2G Eclipse

    4G letters on my 2G Eclipse

    This is the middle light piece on the rear of my GSX, I think it is a nice touch, and I am the first to do it, :P
  10. Another pic of her

    Another pic of her

    so you can see her other side.
  11. San Antonio Imports

    San Antonio Imports

    The tower of the americas in San Antonio, Texas and my 95 GSX
  12. GSX Angel Eyes

    GSX Angel Eyes

    Shot of my headlights, show the angel eyes off pretty well.
  13. Engine Bay

    Engine Bay

    My 95 GSX engine bay, this is where magic happens.
  14. 1995 Eclipse GSX

    1995 Eclipse GSX

    This is a good shot of my 1995 Eclipse GSX.