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  1. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Notice the AMR spare in the back. I've already replaced that with an MTX Thunder 8000 in a bandpass box.
  2. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Ah, the chicklet mod. Sleepy Eyes anyone?
  3. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Hmm, I think there's a fog light missing.
  4. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Here we see the beautiful 1st gen. Talon Backside.
  5. My First DSM - '90 Tsi

    Notice the beautifully mismatched body panel. I'll eventually get around to putting that unpainted plastic all the way around the car.
  6. GMU 4/05

    yeah thats me in that one. im still not sure who took these pics for me! found them on here after the meet.
  7. GMU meet 4/05

    FMIC was placed in there to look good driving down. i have since taken it off and ran with a supra sidemount setup
  8. GMU meet 4/05

    blacked out, if you can see it thats a WV Turbo badge
1-10 of 10 Results