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  1. Help! Tech
    my air conditioning is empty and i would like to refill it. in germany i'm going to jail if i fill up the r12 so i would like to convert it to r134a. actually that shouldn't be a problem if I screw on the adapter and suck everything up and refill. but my questions are 1. can i simply fill the...
  2. Body Tech and Appearance
    Hello! thats my first thread i come from germany and i seach for a bodykit for my eclipse. its a 1992 with pop up headlights. after some looking i finally found my choice. I fell in love whith this picture but im not sure if this bumper fitts because on all websites i can find this kit the...
  3. Electronics Tech
    I just changed out the door actuator lock motors on both the passenger and driver door of my 2008 Mitsubishi eclipse Spyder, and they now function properly. Unfortunately every time I open the door after unlocking it with the remote, the factory alarm (horn) goes off. Does anybody know how I can...
  4. Cars wanted
    Hellow everyone, I've been lurking at Eclipses as far as I can remember and recently I've decided it would be time for me to get one. The point is that I'm picky and I'm looking for a GSR4 model. I'm based in central Europe but will consider every option. Does anyone have a clue about where to...
  5. My 92 GS Rear

    Rear end view when first bought
  6. My 92 GS

    When I bought it for $500
  7. my_eclipse_2

    my 97 GSX outside of work in Lodi, CA
  8. my_eclipse_1

    my 97 GSX outside of work in Lodi, CA
  9. 2g DSM Gst

    my 95 2g gst dsm with a 97 front end conversion
  10. 2g DSM Gst

    my 95 2g gst dsm with a 97 front end conversion
  11. 6-bolt o-ringed block

    jmf intake manifol, buschur coil on plug, ram horn with full-race t3/t67
  12. ECLIPSE 97

1-20 of 50 Results