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engine bay

  1. Oliver's (1g) engine bay

    Oliver's (1g) engine bay

    The way it sits, until the mods start getting installed.
  2. the engine bay

    the engine bay

  3. Engine Bay

    Engine Bay

    Engine Bay - 6 bolt, 50 trim
  4. My 98 GST/X

    My 98 GST/X

    Engine shot2
  5. My 98 GST/X

    My 98 GST/X

    Engine Bay
  6. coming along

    coming along

    new rad. hoses and valve cover. and other stuff
  7. Engine Bay

    Engine Bay

    Quick engine bay shot, soon to be quite a bit better just waiting on a few parts.
  8. enginbay1


  9. The old setup...

    The old setup...

    This is what it looked like befor going back under the knife for some more upgrades. (Nov. 05)