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  1. Engine bay pic.

    Engine bay pic.

    Torn apatr, trying to relocate the air box and clean up my bay.
  2. Engine Ready to go

    Engine Ready to go

    Just before dropping the engine in the car.
  3. Engine Bay Again

    Engine Bay Again

    Got around to cleaning the engine bay. Since September I've had the front and rear strut tower bars in. If you can manage to see it, I also made an air inductor pipe to give better flow to the air intake.
  4. Oh Snap!

    Oh Snap!

    Shearer T3 272 8:5.1 Wiseco .20 OB Eagle H-Beams
  5. Head shot

    Head shot

  6. Cheeeeeeeeese!


  7. The Dirty Birdie's Engine

    The Dirty Birdie's Engine

  8. Head shot

    Head shot

  9. Poser


  10. The Dirty Birdie's Engine

    The Dirty Birdie's Engine

  11. the engine

    the engine

    woo woo
  12. Engine bay2

    Engine bay2

    3" Maft blow through w/ translator and To4B.
  13. Engine bay

    Engine bay

    The work horse.
  14. Engine


    Stock Engine- Besides some colored hoses.
  15. engine shot

    engine shot

    a better picture of my engine bay
  16. engine bay stock

    engine bay stock

    stock engine bay, but its clean
  17. Jody's Eclipse's engine

    Jody's Eclipse's engine

    Just a picture of my engine.
  18. Engine Bay front

    Engine Bay front

  19. Engine Bay

    Engine Bay

    The basic mods. Nothing internal yet.