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  1. Engine bay

    Just about ready to run. More candy blue powdercoat
  2. FMIC

    My big FMIC and candy blue powdercoating
  3. Operation FMIC

    work in progress
  4. Operation FMIC

    work in progress
  5. Operation FMIC

    work in progress
  6. Front, showing the opened up grille

    Front after painting. Hated the headlights and the crooked FMIC. I have since fixed the FMIC and re-worked the headlights. Painting the headlights was as dumb as it sounds. Couldn't see at night and they looked like c**p. My ride that died in the background. 1996 Dodge Avenger, I wrecked it a

    The race car with a new grill
1-20 of 35 Results