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  1. my_eclipse_2

    my 97 GSX outside of work in Lodi, CA
  2. my_eclipse_1

    my 97 GSX outside of work in Lodi, CA
  3. blink's 1Ga GSX

    First day I got the car. Already removed the stickers, and it has a custom paint job (that I don't want lol).
  4. blink's 1Ga GSX

    Has 18s, don't want them lol
  5. blink's 1Ga GSX

    4G63 engine, working on learning the mods since my purchase
  6. MY DSM

    drivers seat
  7. MY DSM

    interior shot
  8. MY DSM

    another side shot. GS rims... sleeper mode ;)
  9. MY DSM

    wait a sec...
  10. MY DSM

  11. MY DSM

    roar, hello there ;)
  12. MY DSM

    From the side
  13. half way there.

    Here it is after the first coat of poly primer has been sanded and some of the worst spots hit with glazing putty. This is well after all of the major body work has been done. Just wanted to give an idea of how rough the body was. Besides the big dents in about 2/3s of the panels, every panel had
  14. Rear showing the painted tails, blended center and the 97 bumper.

    Tails came out okay, so did the blended center. Hate the tiny wing, and I hate big wings too, going to have to find something in between.
  15. Front, showing the opened up grille

    Front after painting. Hated the headlights and the crooked FMIC. I have since fixed the FMIC and re-worked the headlights. Painting the headlights was as dumb as it sounds. Couldn't see at night and they looked like c**p. My ride that died in the background. 1996 Dodge Avenger, I wrecked it a
  16. Side_view1

    my new project car. This is how i got it. 11/3/07. my starting point. 1995 GSX w/ 59k original miles. already neglected by original owner. needs tons of work.
  17. Gsx

  18. The Gsx

    My beautiful car!
  19. The Gsx

    My beautiful car!
1-20 of 60 Results