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  1. Help! Tech
    I picked up the car Saturday and the car was running fine just wouldn’t move. (Auto trans). Also the car would take forever to Rev up. So I moved the TPS and the base idle screw and the car started running a little better enough to drive down the road. Well while I was driving it back home the...
  2. Parts Talk
    I want to turn my 1995 eclipse interior black but im struggling to find the 98/99 parts to replace! Any links, suggestions on how to paint other parts e etc?
  3. Newbie Questions Forum
    92 eagle summit 3dr Just 4g63t swapped it. Can’t seem to figure out windshield wipers. The wiper motor is on the opposite side (drivers side mounted). But i have made a “Stand alone” harness (just all the powers and grounds. Harness is from a 92 talon tsi) my question is how do I make it work...
  4. Help! Tech
    I can’t figure it out the check engine light is for says something about the EVAP Ventilation Switch Circuit Malfunction for my Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 1997 Non-Turbo Manual?
  5. Newbie Questions Forum
    hi i just bought my first car is an eclipse gst and i carged it with half a tank a little bit more and i used it about 19 miles and no i only have half a quarter of gas i live in a small town and it is exaggerated What I spend on gasoline I hope can help me! good night and greetings
1-5 of 5 Results