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hood mod

  1. In place

    In place

    As you can see the screens are in place. The inal step was placing the molding. It was hard due to a tight fit, but this molding held the screen in place. I also painted the bare metal to prevent rust. You can see the black paint. I used touch up paint.
  2. The screen

    The screen

    I placed the screen in between the hood and the framing in two pieces. This made a "Clean" looking install.
  3. The Molding

    The Molding

    This is used to make that finished look!
  4. The pieces

    The pieces

    These are the metal parts cut out using the cutoff wheels
  5. The holes after the cut

    The holes after the cut

    The hard part done!
  6. The supplied used

    The supplied used

    Fo the cutting I used the reinforced cutof wheel. You also see the screen used. I used 4 wheels to cut the 2 holes.
  7. Dremel bit used

    Dremel bit used

    I used this bit to Sculp the holes
  8. Painted vents

    Painted vents

    After it was complete I masked the hood and painted silver to match the Eagle badges that are silver on my car. I than used meguirs to polish the overspray because I didn't mask the ENTIRE hood, just the surrounding areas of the vents.