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  1. Help! Tech
    So I need help it’s been a year long project I’m wrapping it up I need someone to help me bleed clutch and I need lower timing cover 1-2g idc I have lots of parts to trade for labor including 7 bolt short block
  2. Newbie Questions Forum
    i need the 5 bolts that hold the front bumper on top??..or replacements--i seem to lost them and now having issues finding them,,help a newbie? 2g eclipse gst
  3. Help! Tech
    I recently got a 1g eclipse. (My second since my 93) I noticed that there was what looked like oil coming from the middle exhaust manifold bolt (bolt was loose). But I also noticed I had a pool of oil by the injectors and oil all around the engine. However when I did a pull my buddy said he saw...
  4. Help! Tech
    I can’t figure it out the check engine light is for says something about the EVAP Ventilation Switch Circuit Malfunction for my Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 1997 Non-Turbo Manual?
  5. Newbie Questions Forum
    hi i just bought my first car is an eclipse gst and i carged it with half a tank a little bit more and i used it about 19 miles and no i only have half a quarter of gas i live in a small town and it is exaggerated What I spend on gasoline I hope can help me! good night and greetings
1-5 of 5 Results