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rough idol please help

  1. 2000 GT gutless after tune up ( misfire #1 )

    Newbie Questions Forum
    Hi guys I recently did plugs,wires, cap,rotor, new gaskets for the upper intake manifold, and a new gasket on egr tube flange. Upon start up it instantly through a code for TPS so I replaced that. But the car still runs terribly. It idles ok while cold but gets worse the warmer it gets and...
  2. 94 Plymouth Laser turbo FWD

    Help! Tech
    So I have a 94 Plymouth laser turbo, I bought recently, I bought it from the kid with a variating idol, and I thought it would be something easy like maybe just a intake leak, the car also blew the dipstick out recently just once under a load, hasn’t happened again . Any ideas??