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  1. Help! Tech
    Hey y’all, I recently bought a 96 tsi awd. It had a ridiculously clean body but the motor was said to be “running a little rough” when I bought the car. After I brought I hone and gave it a proper run down, I pulled the spark plugs and the one on cylinder 3 was TOASTED. After following it with a...
  2. Help! Tech
    Does anyone here know what I need to make my 2g gs eclipse swap from auto to std ? I’m new in the dsm community, saludos de Mexico 🇲🇽
  3. Help! Tech
    The car is a TSI "1g in a 2g" with a 16g Turbo. Photos are included if you'd like to skim them instead of read i fully understand, please just let me know if you recognize any of the items circled in red. The car runs and drives, has some jam but also has some funky issues at times. Due to...
1-3 of 3 Results