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  1. My 92' Talon

    My 1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Drag car -Full interior -3,100lbs w/driver -All structural components intact -OEM Gas tank -Non-Synchronized Factory style manual trans. w/Helical-cut dog engagement PPG gearset -Built in accordance with NHRA Sport Compact Series - Sport RWD Class rules and regulations
  2. My 92' Talon

    Garrett GT4202 Oil feed and evacuation with braided lines (-4AN feed/-10AN return)
  3. My 92' Talon

    Just after droppin' the motor in. Spring 09'
  4. My 92' Talon

    Picked this up at a Good Guy's car show in Rhinebeck,NY in the Summer of 09' For $5 I could'nt pass it up.
  5. My 92' Talon

    1,000+WHP Build nearing completion. Summer 09'
1-5 of 5 Results