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Hi !
First let me say this forum has a vast and helpful amount of info I know I will have to use in the near future.
My problem is this.
My daughter has a 93 laser. 1.8 auto trans.
Her little car died on her.. No sputter nothing.. just died.
Well her Boy friend .....decided to "help" her. He took the coil out of it and in the process dropped the parts and pieces that go to it. Now he has no clue how it goes back together again. Wonderful guy .. She says..

I will get the service manual asap but some are better than others. which one do I need?

If anyone has a link to an exploded view of this component it may help .
checked the coil that was bad ..lol it read 1.0 .. i'm guessing but that's not bad in my experience. Or is it?

Obliged for any and all help. Unless yer the aforementioned Boyfriend!:chair:
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