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1.8 Smokes

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My 1.8 is smoking real bad. It is a bluish-white smoke at idle, but when revved, it stops but comes back. Does anyone think that it is time for a rebuild? :eek: Yes, the exhaust smells like burning oil. Let me know. Thanks.
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how many miles does it have ? mine ust to smoke really bad too, its more than likely your valve seals.. i had my cylinder head rebiult and now it doesn't smoke at all. now if your engine has 150k + miles then yeah id consider rebiulding the whole engine.
It's got 132k on the clock. I think I might consider a head rebuild when it starts eating oil real bad. I put some of that $10 Lucas stuff in it but I don't think it has started working yet.
Mine burns anywhere between a 1qt of oil every week to week 1/2. Smokes at idle when it sits for more than 15 seconds. 153k on the clock. Just keep oil in it and let it ride if its your DD. If it gets worse, rebuild the head.
I don't know if this is a problem, but someone broke the solenoid with the 2 vacuum hoses on the firewall, and they jumped the vacuum hoses with a coupler. It's the one that where the vacuum hose comes out of the canister under the battery, goes into the solenoid, and out to the TB. If this is a problem, where can I find one?
Well, I got a temporary tag today, so I drove it around. It blows blue smoke and all you can smell is burning oil. I think it is time for a head rebuild. When I take off, I get big puffs of blue smoke and when I would floor it (which I shouldn't have), it smokes. I noticed at idle it would smoke, then stop after a minute, but when I would rev it, it would come back for about a minute. I am not sure how much oil it burns either, but I don't see any leaks anywhere. :eek: :eek: BTW: It is not a blue smoke, but it has a bluish tint to it.
Well, I found the smoking problem. I may have a blown head gasket. I noticed when I had it running yesterday I could see some oil slowly bubbling out on the side near the gasket. I might just check the bolt torque and see if they are ok.
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