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14" Steel Wheel weight?

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How much does the stock 14" steel wheel weigh? What is it's width and offset? Also, did Mitsubishi make 14" alloy wheels or are they just fancy painted steel wheels? I want to go to a junkyard and get some alloy wheels to replace the steelies. You know, just to reduce rotating mass.
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I am almost positive that Mitsu never made 14 one piece wheels for the eclipse. i think the smallest they made 1 piece in was 16. If you want weights though...their is supposed to be a weight table published at road race engineering website/cardomain.com I think is where they are. My memory may be completely off so hopefully someone jumps in to correct me on this. Otherwise though on your other issue of lowering rotating mass, just switch up to the stock 16's or 17's. They are reasonably plentiful and cheap.
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